2021 DAO Global Hackathon

2 sprints, 4 tracks, 300+ developers, $100k+ in prizes. Sign up at hackforfreedom.org

2021 DAO Global Hackathon

2021 has been called the 'Year of the DAO' and Aragon is proud to see out Q4 by co-sponsoring the 2021 DAO Global Hackathon, taking place from Monday 25th October through to Friday 10th December, hosted by Gitcoin.

We are delighted to be working together with a growing number of industry partners:

2021 DAO Global Hackathon sponsors: Agora Space, Aragon, DeepDAO, Gitcoin, Gnosis, Harmony, Human, Launchub, MetaCartel, Metagov, MintGate, Near, Polygon, POKT, Radicle, Snapshot, Superfluid, Tally, UMA

Together we will be hosting over 300 developers from around the world to collaborate over the seven weeks on four areas of DAO tooling and infrastructure:

  1. Community & NFTs: Empower cross-platform, cohesive, token-based social platforms: token-gated content and communities, NFT-based proposal formation and notification systems.
  2. Finance & Operations: Formalize DAO operations (KPI options, on-off ramps, payments, treasury management, salaries, etc), legal wrappers, and compliance.
  3. Core DAO Tech: Enable core DAO functionalities such as decentralized codebases, smart contract treasuries, multi-chain DAOs, and voting tech (eg. delegated, anonymous, quadratic, etc).
  4. Multi-chain: Empower DAOs to embrace a multi-chain world with cross-chain DAO tooling and scaling solutions.
DAO Global Hackathon tracks: Core DAO Tech, Community & Social, Finance & Operations, NFTs.

The Hackathon will be split into two consecutive sprints. The first will last until Friday November 12th and give individuals and teams the opportunity to solve problems set by industry partners and claim their associated bounties. The second sprint will begin on Friday November 12th as an open lane for teams to get creative and innovate within the four tracks for a chance to win some of the growing $144k+ prize pool. The bounty sprint will be judged by the bounty providers and the open track by a number of well-respected industry peers.

DAO Global Hackathon sprint schedule.

Composability is one of the core value propositions of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), enabling any app to interact with any other in the Ethereum ecosystem. Just as DeFi is solving systemic coordination failures in global finance, the same ought to be true for Decentralized Governance (dGov) as distributed ledger technology unlocks the potential of communities around the world to collaborate, coordinate and govern themselves better. This is a task beyond the scope of any one team. Therefore it is vital that we as an industry work even harder to build interoperability into the core of our products and break down any barriers for teams and individuals to contribute towards a comprehensive global coordination stack. The more opportunities for collaboration on this, the better, so we are incredibly excited that so many galaxy-brains will be working together under one virtual roof at the DAO Global Hackathon, increasing the collision rate of ideas and working out how their various DAO-legos can fit together.

If you are looking to get involved, introduce yourself in the official Discord channel and keep an eye on Gitcoin's Earn page for the launch details. Even if you are not a developer, projects often need designers and other skill sets so don't be afraid to apply, whatever your background. In addition, there will be keynote speeches, technical talks, workshops, mentors, dedicated office-hours and project-specific support channels from each team to help you with your project so it will be a great place to learn about DAO technology in general.

Head over to hackforfreedom.org for more information and to register your interest.


Agora Space is a social oracle & token utility toolkit, building essentials for future internet communities.
Aragon is building the future of decentralized governance for Web3 communities & organizations.
DeepDAO is a platform for making sense of DAOs.
Gitcoin is where communities unite to build and fund the open web.
Gnosis builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance.
Harmony is an open platform for assets, collectibles, identity and governance.
Metacartel is a ecosystem of creators and operators building dApps.
Mintgate is a platform for token-gated content.
NEAR is a climate-neutral, high-speed, low fee layer-1 blockchain platform.
Pocket Network is a decentralized RPC protocol to access any blockchain.
Polygon is Ethereum's internet of blockchains.
Radicle is a peer-to-peer stack for building software together.
Snapshot is a decentralized voting system, where decisions get made.
Superfluid is a token standard that enables programmable money streams on Ethereum.
Tally is a vote-delegation platform.
UMA is a decentralized financial contracts platform built to enable Universal Market Access.