5 Reasons We Made AraCon Less Than $200

5 Reasons We Made AraCon Less Than $200

AraCon is right around the corner.

We’ve shared the full schedule, along with an overview of the themes that will drive the event. We’ve worked hard to make sure that the content represents the most interesting ideas and the most interesting people in our space.

One thing that was important to us when we set out to plan AraCon was that it didn’t turn into the expensive, four-figure ticket price that became common for crypto events over the last years.

Instead, we created a category of free community tickets for active contributors to the Aragon community. Be it contributing to the development, participating in community discussions, organizing meetups, or building on top of Aragon.

What’s more, we set the price of general admission at 150€ (a little over $170 USD). Here’s why.


AraCon is first and foremost an event for communities. The Aragon community, the Ethereum community, and the broader crypto community interested in DAOs, governance, and Web3. Communities don’t care about whether their members have a lot of money - they care that people are interested and engaged. The amount that someone contributes to any given community doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their financial resources. So we didn’t want to rate limit our event participation by cost either.


When it comes to uncovering insights and driving ideas forward, we believe that a plurality of perspectives beats homogeneous thinking. We want AraCon to represent a huge cross-section of different ideas, communities, and perspectives and weren’t willing to let cost be a limiting factor. If someone has an important perspective to contribute, we want them there. (As an aside, if you’re passionate about AraCon but simply aren’t in a position to register, please let us know by emailing info@aracon.one. We know that even though it’s relatively inexpensive by conference standards, 150€ is still a stretch for many budgets!).

Hidden Costs

Let’s be realistic. When you attend an event, you’re not just paying for the cost of registration. There’s also the cost of accommodation, travel, plus any additional food and fun expenses you incur while hanging at the event. We did our best to reduce these costs a little by negotiating a fixed, cheaper price for AraCon attendees at the Abion Hotel. Beyond that, we have little control over this category of costs. So we might as well try to cut the costs we can - registration.

Paying It Forward

If you’ve looked through our speaker list, you know what an incredible group it is. The time these speakers are giving us (and the community that comes together at AraCon) is of immense value. To us, it only makes sense to pay that contribution forward by giving the best possible access to the most engaged and enthusiastic crowd we can.

Our Real ROI Is Expanding The Movement

At the end of the day, this event isn’t designed to be a revenue line. The only reason we’re charging anything is that events are expensive to host and we need to defray the costs. The real ROI for this event is to drive most interest, passion, excitement, and activity around the themes that animate the event: Governance, DAOs, Web3 & Ethereum, and, of course, Aragon.

We couldn’t be more excited about AraCon. It’s just a few weeks away, so sign up now!

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