All Aragon Devs call notes now available in the Aragon Wiki

Last year, we started organizing All Aragon Devs calls to coordinate development work between contributors to the various Aragon software repositories.

On these calls, we discuss everything dev-related from syncing up on what has happened since the last call to work on upcoming sprints to open questions and challenges that might need input from other developers. If any breaking changes are planned, we make sure the relevant stakeholders are aware of these plans so nothing breaks unexpectedly.

Since the first meeting, we have been keeping notes from these calls so we can keep track of progress and the discussions that happened over time. We now have a section of the Aragon Wiki dedicated to organizing information about past and future All Aragon Devs calls.

You can find the archive of meeting notes starting with All Aragon Devs #1 here and information about how to join future calls if you have a topic to discuss with Aragon developers here.

After a few months of organizing these calls privately, we put the infrastructure in place to begin recording the calls and livestreaming them for the wider community to see and stay informed of the latest development activities happening.

A link to the livestream of the next call is shared in the Aragon Chat #dev channel and via the @AragonProject Twitter account when the call is starting.

The next call as of the time of this publishing is scheduled for Monday, May 13th at 15:00 UTC and repeats every other week at the same time after that.

If you’re interested in following the progress of Aragon development we invite you to watch the livestream, and if you have something to discuss with the devs, you are welcome to propose your topic!

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