Announcing aragonCLI nightly builds

Announcing aragonCLI nightly builds

The aragonCLI is one of the most important tools Aragon users and developers have at their disposal. It is capable of interacting directly with the smart contracts that comprise an Aragon organization, making it more versatile and powerful than the graphical interface, at the cost of it having a steeper learning curve.

Due to the aragonCLI’s flexibility and advanced capabilities, it has remained a tool for Aragon power users and developers, and hasn’t received as much attention in our public-facing communications that are aimed at the average end user. With the recently announced Nest funding for our team, Aragon Mesh, who will be maintaining the aragonCLI for the foreseeable future, we plan to change that and start giving the aragonCLI more of the attention it deserves.

Going forward, you can expect to see major aragonCLI release announcements and feature deep dives published here on the blog, on the @AragonProject Twitter account, and on the #dev channel in Aragon Chat.

Announcing aragonCLI nightly builds and version 6.0.0

The first announcement we want to share should excite all aragonCLI power users. We are now releasing nightly builds of the aragonCLI so that users can access the latest and greatest features as soon as they are merged and ready for testing. For those who value stability we are keeping a list of battle-tested versions known as stable builds which you can easily switch between.

If you are interested in checking out the nightly build, run this command in your terminal:

npm i -g @aragon/cli@nightly

The second announcement is related to our last release (v6.0.0). We have decided to decouple the IPFS dependency because people usually have it installed already and because it is the type of dependency you want to install just once. Now the aragonCLI will check whether IPFS is installed in the project or globally and use that.

If you don’t have IPFS installed that’s alright too, as the new commands aragon ipfs install, aragon ipfs uninstall and aragon ipfs status facilitate the installation process. Learn more about them in the documentation.

Finally, if you run into any issues, jump on the #dev-help channel in the Aragon Chat and ask for help, or open an issue on the aragonCLI GitHub repo.

Until next time, happy hacking!