Announcing the Aragon Advisors

Kenny from MakerDAO and Jake from CoinFund will be advising Aragon

We are pleased to announce two people that we really admire in the Ethereum community will be joining us as advis0rs: Kenny Rowe and Jake Brukhman.

Kenny currently serves as Chief Operations Officer at the Dai Foundation, and is in charge of governance at Maker DAO — the creators of the first stable coin (the Dai). We really admire Maker for both their technical skills and their governance.

In addition, we believe the Maker DAO is one of the best examples of transparency and governance in the community. For example, they post weekly minutes and their use of proceeds. Kenny will advise us on both the governance of the Aragon Network and Aragon organizations, and assist us in shaping the growing Aragon community.

Jake is a co-founder of CoinFund — a blockchain research company and crypto asset investment vehicle. Prior to CoinFund, he was the CTO at Triton Research, a technical product manager and engineer at Amazon, and worked for over 5 years in the financial technology industry in New York.

As one of the most connected individuals in the space, he will assist Aragon in partnering with other top-notch projects. His background in crypto-economics will also be crucial, and will help us assess and determine the financial incentives needed for the Aragon Network to be successful. Check out the Q&A we did with him.

We're excited to start working with both Kenny and Jake to further shape the Aragon project!