Announcing the Aragon Network Token sale

Announcing the Aragon Network Token sale

ANT sale starts on May 17th. Bootstrapping the creation of the world’s first digital jurisdiction.

We have been asked countless times about whether we would do a token sale or not. Our answer always was: if it makes sense, we will!

After launching Aragon, we spent a lot of time talking to people and thinking. What will be the main issues to make decentralized organizations widespread?

We arrived at those issues, and figured out they needed network scale to be solved. So we architected the Aragon Network. The AN will be the first DAO that acts as a digital jurisdiction and provides key services to Aragon organizations.

The Aragon Network will let organizations subscribe to it and use the services it'll provide. It'll have a built-in governance system — by using the Aragon Network Token, ANT holders will be able to decide every aspect of its functioning.

The token sale is scheduled to start on May 17th and will last 4 weeks until June 14th. We will reveal more details tomorrow (EDIT: Token sale terms are out!), and publish more documents — like our Development Plan and the Legal Terms — during the next days. As a sneak peek, yes, we founders will have vesting :)

We want to thank the community again. More than 700 Aragon organizations are out there now in the Ethereum testnets. The Aragon Network Whitepaper has had phenomenal reception and we have received very helpful feedback. Today we have just published its second revision.

We are moved by the opportunity to open up Aragon to the community, and working hand by hand with everyone to make decentralized organizations widespread.

The Revolution will be Decentralized,

The Aragon Team

For more information and to be up to date regarding the sale, join our Slack!