ANT joins the Messari Disclosures Registry

ANT joins the Messari Disclosures Registry

Aragon and Messari join forces in a step forward for ANT transparency.

Aragon has always pushed forward best practices for the ecosystem. Since the early days, the Aragon Association (previously Aragon Institution) has provided transparency in fund management. We have also empowered the community via DAO signaling.

We knew being transparent was a must ever since our token sale in May 2017. Those were times in which most other projects conducting token sales ended up being exit scams, as time has shown the world.

If we were going to do the token sale again, we would have used Aragon since the beginning. That way, the DAO would have managed the funds in a decentralized way. But since we needed funds to build Aragon in the first place, we had to create a legal entity to oversee development.

So transparency was a differentiating factor. It was the answer to the question: is this team going to diligently manage the funds to make Aragon happen, or just buy Lambos?

Fast forward to today, we are very happy with our investment in transparency. Trust is something you cannot measure, but you know it's there.

The Aragon Association wants to continue building on that trust. That is why we are happy to announce that ANT is joining the Messari Disclosures Registry.

Messari's Registry aims to become a trusted repository for token holders to read factual information on tokens.

The Messari and the Aragon Association teams have been in touch for years, but now it's the right timing for this. With the recent launch of Aragon Court, we are moving full-steam ahead with the Aragon Network. Once Aragon Network enters Phase 3, it will be its own fully sovereign DAO. ANT holders will then start making binding decisions over the protocol.

It is paramount that ANT holders have the best information at hand to inform their decisions. We believe Messari is the right platform for such transparency. We also plan to help Messari evolve by providing product feedback based on our learnings.

Together with this announcement, we are also happy to share that we are dogfooding Aragon for our own transparency. You can check all our expenses at the Budget DAO.

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