Introducing Aragon 0.8 Camino

Introducing Aragon 0.8 Camino

A glimpse into the future of organizations that you can use today

Tao or Dao is a Chinese word signifying the way, path, or road, or sometimes more loosely doctrine, principle or holistic beliefs.

We use female Spanish names for Aragon releases, inspired by the story of Maria. Apart from there being a Chinese word called dao (DAO) that means the way, there is also a female Spanish name that means the way: Camino.

That’s why Aragon 0.8 is called Camino. We are paving the way to deliver Aragon to the users that need it the most. Let’s go over what makes Aragon 0.8 Camino special.

One app, endless possibilities

Announced earlier this year, Aragon Agent captured the imagination of people all across the Ethereum ecosystem. Protocols like Melon are already using Aragon Agent as a way to let an Aragon organization govern upgrades to their Ethereum contracts.

Aragon Agent enables organizations to interact directly with any Ethereum application. Whether you want your organization to own ENS names, lend its assets on Compound, or open a CDP on Maker, Agent makes it possible and visible for the whole organization.


Streamlined setup flow

The Aragon client now features more templates to match your needs. You can start a company, a membership, or a reputation-based organization in a few clicks.

Aragon is built to be modular, since the organizations of the future are not limited to just a handful of corporate structures.


Stay up to date with email notifications

New votes, financial transfers, changes in the permissions of the organization… you can now subscribe to all the events that matter to you. You won’t miss a vote anymore.


Raising the bar in design

From a new design system to re-designing the whole Aragon client, we put the utmost care in this new iteration of Aragon. We spent months listening to our users to create a brand new user experience that is more consistent, pleasant, and easier to use.


Simplified permission management

After user feedback, we decided to revamp the Permissions app. Permissions are such a core component of the Aragon vision and are extremely powerful once you understand them. But it was challenging to represent them in a friendly way, so we have built a new experience from the ground up.


Try Aragon 0.8 Camino today

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