Aragon Association 2019 mid-year report

Aragon Association 2019 mid-year report

The Aragon Association was born in December 2018, as a Switzerland-based Association, with Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo as its board members.

In January 2019, Stefano Bernardi joined the Association to fulfill the Executive Director role. Since AGP-11 was approved during ANV-1, the Aragon Association has been focusing on executing its institutional mandate and corresponding deliverables.

In regard to the above the first months of the year have mostly been spent setting up the operational infrastructure for the Aragon Association, as well as facilitating coordination between Flock teams and, most importantly, prompt execution of the AGP votes.

In this report, we - the Aragon Association team - will share what we have accomplished so far and what we have planned for H2 2019.

  • Set-up of the Association
  • Contracts creation for Flock teams, Nest grants, service providers, etc.
  • Contracts for employees and contractors


  • More work on fully decentralizing Aragon governance


  • Hired first contractor: Louis Giraux
  • Set up accounting infrastructure
  • Execution of all AGP payments and contracts
  • Participated in Edgeware Lockdrop per AGP-35; locked 20,000 ETH for 3 months and signaled with the full Association multisig ETH balance.

Treasury management

  • Assessment of current treasury allocation and risk exposure
  • Definition of a target balanced allocation for the treasury
  • Set-up of infrastructure to be able to operate on markets
  • Sold ~20,000 ETH for operational, Nest, Flock, and diversification needs at prices between 165 DAI and 265 DAI
  • Per AGP-35, participated in Edgeware lockdrop (20,000 ETH locked and 156,136.562 ETH signalled)


  • Implementation of strategy to get to the desired portfolio allocation
  • Explore options to provide easier ways for Aragon users to acquire ANT
  • Continue working on transparency framework


  • AraCon 2019 coordination
  • Sponsorship of community events


  • Planning and execution for a potential AraCon 2020



  • New security process (see) released and corresponding audits booked for Payroll and Fundraising app
  • Tracking Flock team roadmaps and supporting delivery
  • Collaboration to establish community report best practices with Autark

In progress:

  • Booking audits for TPS and the Aragon Court system
  • Implementation security DAO as per the new security process
  • Taking over the organization and moderation of Aragon All Devs
  • Update to the Flock proposal process (proposal guide)


  • Coordinate with Flock teams to establish Flock wide “OKRs
  • Establish on-boarding process and best work practices for Flock teams
  • Organize all-teams-offsite besides AraCon 2020

Aragon communications

  • Being available on
  • Communication around ANV#2


  • Think about how AA communicates as a standalone entity.

Total 2019 Aragon Association budget spent

Expenses overview in CHF, through June 6th.

  • Event sponsorship: 7,142.29
  • Legal Fees: 37,191.67
  • Salary cost: 98,971.27
  • Other operating expenses: 36,521.54

Total 2019 Aragon Network Treasury spent

Expenses overview in CHF, through June 6th.

  • Grants: 3,990,830.00