Aragon at ETHBerlin

Aragon at ETHBerlin

Hey, hey, heeey! This is Aragon and we are coming to ETHBerlin, Berlin!

We are so excited, so happy, really so thrilled to be Tier 5 – The Carlos Matos sponsor of the hackathon. Our mentors are coming, and they are coming in waves! Let me tell you, that we started 92 days ago with only one goal in mind. And right now, we are reaching that goal of being a part of the astonishing and inspiring ETHBerlin hackathon. And let me tell you that we are now actually putting two distinct bounty tracks up for hackers to #buidl on during the hackathon!

Hacking with Aragon

For all your hacking needs, we will be part of three talks and one workshop to demonstrate the potential of the Aragon developer tools, decentralization and DAOs.

Our developers will be at the hackathon for the entire time, mentoring and helping hackers. You can also pop by the Aragon booth at Görlitzer, or in the #dev-help channel of Aragon Chat.

Day 1


Aragon One CTO Jorge Izquierdo discussing On-Chain Governance with Aron Fischer from Colony.

Luis Cuende, CEO of Aragon One presentation on True Decentralization


Playing Cat and Mouse with the EVM by Aragon One Lead Developer Brett Sun

Day 2


Build Your First Aragon App workshop with Jorge Izquierdo & Brett Sun

Day 3


Bounties – Grant programs office hours workshop about the different grants programs in the space. This isn't run by us, but we'll be there if you want to come learn more about our grants program, Aragon Nest.


Build DAOs, protocols and dapps
Aragon is the most powerful and modular way to run DAOs. But on our journey into creating DAOs, we discovered how to modularize individual components that can be used for creating any dapp or crypto protocol.

We have built multiple pieces of infrastructure for developers and hackers to use:

In this guide, we will walk you through creating your first Aragon app using aragonOS, aragon.js, Aragon UI and Aragon CLI.

Your first Aragon app tutorial

Aragon CLI is a tool for creating, testing and publishing Aragon applications.

Aragon CLI getting started guide

A framework that enables flexible and upgradeable governance mechanisms in smart contracts.

aragonOS intro

A Javascript library to interact with aragonOS by handling transaction pathing, upgradeability and state of the contracts.

aragon.js reference documentation

Aragon UI - A UI toolkit for decentralized apps
It will make your app look consistent with the whole look of the Aragon client, in a way that it will not even look like the user is running apps from different developers. Although Aragon UI is not mandatory, its use is recommended to speed up your frontend development.

Aragon UI intro

Hackathon bounties


Aragon will be judging and providing bounties for Best app or integration and for Best Aragon Nest proposal.

Aragon challenge for Best app or integration


There will be just one prize category, which will select the best Aragon app or integration. There will be 2 prizes in this category:

  • First prize: $3,000 USD in ANT
  • Second prize: $2,000 USD in ANT

Aragon challenge for Best Aragon Nest proposal


There will be just one prize in this category, which will select the Best Aragon Nest proposal.

  • Prize: $500 USD in ANT

Aragon Team at ETHBerlin

If you wish to have Aragon mentoring or helping you hack on a project, or just want to say hi, get in contact with one of the Aragon One team members at the hackathon.

Jorge Izquierdo — Co-Founder & CTO of Aragon One

Aragon Chat: @jorge

Twitter: @izqui9

Luis Cuende — Co-Founder & CEO of Aragon One

Aragon Chat: @luis

Twitter: @licuende

Brett Sun — Lead Developer at Aragon One

Aragon Chat: @sohkai

Twitter: @sohkai

Pierre Bertet — UI & Interaction Developer at Aragon One

Aragon Chat: @bpierre

Twitter: @bpierre

Bingen Eguzkitza — Solidity Engineer at Aragon One

Aragon Chat: @bingen

Twitter: @bingentxu

You'll be able to find them at the Aragon booth when they aren't busy helping hackers (you might also find some free Aragon t-shirts by the booth!).