Aragon Chain Skylark testnet is live!

Aragon Chain Skylark testnet is live!

Aragon Chain is a Proof-of-Stake, EVM-compatible blockchain focused on DAOs. Let’s unpack that.

First, Aragon Chain uses Proof-of-Stake. This is a similar model to the one that Ethereum 2.0 will adopt.

Second, Aragon Chain is compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This means total compatibility with Ethereum! Aragon was built on Ethereum so we want to maintain the same familiar developer experience and prevent the need to rewrite Aragon's entire codebase in a different programming language.

Third, Aragon Chain will excel at running DAOs — with fast finality and cheap transactions, Aragon Chain will be able to take on the increasing number of interactions within DAOs. There is huge demand for this, since most non-financial applications have been priced out of Ethereum in the last weeks and have nowhere to go.

Since starting development of Aragon Chain in late 2019, Aragon DAOs have grown nearly 10x in assets under management. Not only that, thousands of interactions within Aragon DAOs happen every month.

Some of these DAOs may prefer lower transaction fees and more throughput to hyperconnectivity, and that’s where Aragon Chain will excel. Other Aragon DAOs certainly continue living on Ethereum where they can be hyperconnected. Ethereum is like Manhattan, and Aragon Chain is like the suburbs!

How to participate in the Aragon Chain Skylark testnet

Follow the startup guide to bootstrap your own node! Keep in mind, Skylark is a testnet, so it’s intended to help find bugs and break things. It will be gradually polished until prime time. Then mainnet will launch. There will be an ARA distribution event before mainnet, stay tuned for news!

Check out the code and the spec

You can find the spec and architecture that Aragon Chain follows, and its codebase, here: