Aragon Core v0.5 — ”The Architect” release

Aragon Core v0.5 — ”The Architect” release

The most powerful Aragon release to date

We're extremely excited to be announcing the next major milestone of the Aragon project along with our new video!

Today we're releasing the beta of Aragon Core version 0.5 — codenamed The Architect.

This is the first release powered by aragonOS. The new smart contract operating system for protocols and DApps. Thanks to aragonOS, Aragon Core v0.5 is the most powerful way to create and manage any type of decentralized organizations.

Before jumping into details, I want to personally thank all of the Aragon team for their devotion to the project. And all our community members for their support since the beginning.

Use the slider to view the difference between v0.5 and the old v0.3

We are deploying this release only on the Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet. It ships with a Token Manager, a Voting App, a Finance App and a Vault. Thanks to our new architecture, you can combine those apps to create very advanced combinations that can cover many different kinds of use cases. It also comes with a couple templates so you can deploy a multisig or a democracy project out of the box.

Before users are able to manage organizations on the Mainnet, we have undergone a first audit which is giving us green light. As security is paramount to us, we will conduct another external independent audit. And also a live bug bounty program with our own organization during the next couple of months. We want to make sure everything runs smoothly and securely before a Mainnet deployment.

Your window to the decentralized era

Aragon is no longer merely a way to run your company using the blockchain.

We went very deep into exploring what crypto means for humankind — and found something way more universal than just more efficient companies.

Crypto is the final step in making globalization truly happen. And for human society to become completely digital.

Before, our identities, our assets, our companies were ultimately controlled by a set of institutions and nation-states. Entities that could use intimidation and even violence to reclaim ownership over them. With crypto, you can defend even against those kind of bad actors. Just by using cryptography to generate your private keys that no one else in the world knows.

For the first time in history you can be free from the shackles of someone way more influential than you. It breaks all the power dynamics we as a society have wrapped our heads around.

Aragon is a tool for all of humanity to organize. It's vital for us that the project is ready for this tectonic shift in how society works and the new organizational structures that will blossom from it.

Thanks to aragonOS, Aragon Core is as adaptable as it gets. You can use Aragon to run a crypto project, an open source project, a non-profit organization, a startup, a corporation... or even your own personal DAO. One that owns your assets and lets you do more complex operations than a simple Ethereum account. It even allows you more freedom and choices than a multi-signature wallet through utilizing the crowd.

You can expand its functionality by installing additional new apps that will enrich your Aragon experience. For example, you could install a new finance app with permissions to automatically execute payments, up to a certain amount, on your behalf by using your Vault app, simply with a few clicks.

If you are a developer, you can even go under the hood and write your own aragonOS-compatible apps!

Documentation for users and developers is coming soon after this release. We will also put out another blog post with more technical details for those interested to read up on the development side.

Try out Aragon Core v0.5 — The Architect

We will be distributing this version only as a web app. Downloadable native apps will be introduced in our later releases.

Anyone wishing to start running their test organization can start right now!

Getting Started

Getting TestETH

Before you can create your organization on the blockchain, you will need Test Ether. This is to pay for gas in order to create an organization on Rinkeby.

Browse to and follow the instructions on the site to receive TestETH for your Rinkeby address.

If that doesn't work, join the #faucet channel at Aragon Chat and let us know! A team member will send you a small amount of TestETH to get started. (Note: it can take a bit of time for a team member to be online, so please be patient!)

Providing feedback

We're very much looking forward to hearing feedback from the community! That's why we've prepared a couple ways for the community to provide direct feedback.

User Survey

We will soon announce a large Aragon Feedback Survey to gain knowledge on what people are thinking of Aragon Core v0.5 and how we can improve the app and the Aragon project in general in the future.

This survey is meant for all different user groups of Aragon. Users of the Core app wanting to create a DAO, other projects wanting to develop on top of Aragon and developers looking to build things on/for Aragon.


Join the #feedback channel on Aragon Chat to discuss and let us know what you think of the new release!

Road to v0.5

The whole team has worked very hard to reach this landmark, so here's a recap of how we've arrived to this point.

News from the Front

The look of Aragon has been updated to a cohesive whole

As a part of the refactor of the Aragon Core client, the whole front-end received an update.

Aragon Core v0.3 was already one of the most usable and beautiful apps out there, and we decided to raise the bar even higher with v0.5.

Starting with the next version, v0.5 --- The Architect, Aragon will feature an entirely revamped interface. The decision to redesign the DApp was simple. There was a need to align the app and it's updated graphical identity, design principles and use cases to the origin of the project. Exciting!

News from the Front
The look of Aragon has been updated to a cohesive

Introducing aragonOS 3.0 alpha, the new operating system for protocols and DApps

aragonOS will be the core of all Aragon organizations

All the smart contracts and everything under the hood were completely re-architectured and re-built, and aragonOS was born.

Since the Aragon Core alpha version 0.3 was released back in March 2017, we have done almost three full refactorings of the entire codebase.

aragonOS is smart contract development framework with a very strong focus on governance and upgradeability. This architecture can be used by any complex DApp or protocol and it allows extendability with the ability to plug in any Aragon governance module. It was originally designed to build modular DAOs, but we ended up abstracting it more and more to the point where it would be useful as the fundamental building block of any decentralized project.

aragonOS will be the core of all Aragon organizations, as well as the upcoming Aragon Network.

Introducing aragonOS 3.0 alpha, the new operating system for protocols and DApps
Smart contract codebase has been frozen, audit with WHG starts today and announcement for Aragon Core v0.5 release...

Announcing Aragon Labs

Where research meets development

Aragon Labs focuses on researching, experimenting and developing governance solutions for DAOs. Labs will allow us to learn before pushing decentralized governance to networks with real value and assets.

The goal of Aragon Labs is to enable experimental research and development efforts that move fast and some times break (minor) things.Running these experiments allows us to learn from these experiences. And we can re-iterate and run these experiments for as long as we need. Until we are confident that our tools and products have become stable and mature. That their development has reached a point that signifies them ready to secure valuable ecosystems such as the Aragon Network itself.

Announcing Aragon Labs
Where research meets development

Bringing DAOs back — Aragon Monthly

Aragon Monthly is a community curated monthly digital newspaper about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the Aragon ecosystem.

There'll be thousands of DAOs coming alive. For them to have a common, dedicated place to share their news and thoughts, we have created Aragon Monthly.

Community can submit news items, articles and classifieds to the newspaper. Our hope is that anyone interested in the development of DAOs will join us in creating future issues!

Aragon Monthly is created by the community, for the community.

Bringing DAOs back — Aragon Monthly
Aragon Monthly is a community curated digital newspaper about DAOs and the Aragon ecosystem

And the road ahead

Today, we're thrilled to have this beta release out in the public. Tomorrow, the work continues to make decentralized organizations thrive.

Further development

Aragon is completely an open source project, so everyone is invited to contribute to the development at