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Aragon Monthly Issue 08 is out!

The latest issue of the community curated digital newspaper about DAOs, decentralized governance and the Aragon ecosystem

Aragon Monthly was introduced a while back in my post Bringing DAOs back — Aragon Monthly and has since been a monthly aggregated source of News and Articles for people interested in decentralized organizations and governance.




You can find all the latest News regarding DAOs, Aragon & Governance right here:



Submit an article for the next Issue through the Monthly GitHub repository by following our guide!


You can find all the latest Classifieds right here:


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Guides for Community Contributors

Guide for submitting a new Issue

A breakdown of what you should include in your request for new content

Guide for submitting a new Pull Request

A breakdown of what you should include in your submission for new content

Guide for submitting Articles

A breakdown of what you should include in your for Articles

Guide for submitting Classifieds

A breakdown of what you should include in your for Classifieds

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Aragon Monthly Issue 08 is out!

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