Aragon Nest Q3 Updates

Aragon Nest Q3 Updates

We are happy to introduce updates from these six amazing teams working on the Aragon and Ethereum ecosystems!

As more teams get grants from the Nest program, also the amount of goals achieved increases. We are preparing for this by giving the teams their own voice here in the Aragon Project blog.

As part of their milestones, the grantees will provide the community with quarterly updates on their project's progress. This time we hear from six teams that are all working on improving the Aragon and Ethereum ecosystems.

You can also learn more about the program on the Aragon Nest Update—Evolution of the grants program post.


Infrastructure decentralization advances!!

In the last few months the DAppNode project has made a significant amount of progress in usability, UI and overall performance of the platform, as such we thought it would be a great time to give everyone an update.

Since our initial funding request was approved by the Aragon Nest program, we have been working closely with Aragon who is building software that will ensure unstoppable decentralized organizations, as we move forward we’re excited to continue our coordination with the Aragon team by providing the necessary hardware, to achieve the shared vision of a truly decentralized world.

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Espresso Team

After creating a small proof of concept and being accepted in the Nest program, we started our work on the Datastore and Drive App in August.

If you are not familiar with our projects, the Datastore is a distributed storage library based on Aragon and Drive is a Dropbox-like app specifically designed for DAOs. You can learn more about us and our projects here or on our GitHub repositories. Here is what we have been working on during the last two months.

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Frame had an exciting Q3 that started with our first security audit conducted by Cure53 and funded by Aragon. We’re happy to report the results were very positive. If you’d like to know more about the audit or read the official report check out our post, Frame Security Audit: FRM-01.

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This second milestone was quite busy.

Regarding the dev side we re-organized our roadmap: we focused on re-architecturing the Pando's core smart contracts and postponed the CLI optimization to milestone 3 - the good news being: this optimization is on its way as the Pando CLI can now stage the whole react monorepo in a matter of seconds :)

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Prysmatic Labs

Once again, we are very satisfied with what we have put together this past quarter and how we have matured as a team with respect to our output and technical infrastructure.

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That Planning Suite

One of the major elements that was remaining last quarter was the final integration between the back-end and the front-end and we are happy to report that we have completed that this quarter.

In Q3, we've completed all of the core functionality in Milestone 1.

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