Aragon On Tour: Meetups Around the Globe

Aragon On Tour: Meetups Around the Globe

Come to one of our meetups, have a beer with us and talk decentralized awesomeness

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. This has been extremely beneficial for the development of communities around the world, and crypto is perhaps one of the most remarkable examples.

But who doesn't like to have a beer with people that share common interests? It's part of our human nature!

So aside from being on Slack all day and night, we've organized a series of meetups for Ethereum & Aragon enthusiasts to get together to talk about exciting projects and have a few drinks!

We had our first meetup this Monday in the beautiful town of Zug and had the pleasure to present and have a relaxed discussion with some projects we're huge fans of, AKASHA and Status.

The meetup was an enormous success! We even had a wait-list for attendance. If interested, Mihai from AKASHA recorded so those that couldn't make it in person can watch it!

Special thanks to Mona (from Melonport) and to Soren (Crypto Valley meetup organizer) for making this evening of decentralized awesomeness possible!

Upcoming Meetups

We have some additional meetups happening in the near future:

  • Madrid: May 8— thanks to Jorge Vallet (who's been doing Ethereum meetups since '14) for organizing it!
  • New York: TBD but likely May 24
  • Berlin: June 9 — thanks to our friends at BlueYard (specially Philip) for making it happen!
  • Barcelona: June 17 — thanks to the guys at Atraura!

Since teleportation isn't possible yet, please let us know if you want to organize a meetup somewhere else in the world and have us attend via video conference!

And if you have an idea/prototype that uses Aragon and want to talk at one of upcoming meetups, drop us a line — we'd love to know what you're building!


The Aragon Team