Aragon Q4 Development Update

Aragon Q4 Development Update

Progress of development from the last quarter of 2017

In the last quarter of 2017 we were heads down developing everything for the version 0.5 release of the Aragon Core app. Lots of progress was made, first audit of the smart contracts was conducted with good results and we're on track to get the testnet release out really soon™.

It has been an incredible quarter of building, in which we have laid down the foundation for everything that is to come in 2018. Brett and Pierre joined the development team, who together with Olivier are an amazing founding technical team.

Without further babbling, here's a list of some of the bigger changes that took place in Q4:

New projects we started in Q4 2017:

As we've been doing this major overhaul of the project that started with the re-design of the front-end and was further expanded with the creation of aragonOS, new tools were also needed.

The new approach makes Aragon modular and granular so that users have a choice of how to run their organizations, but also with the ability to create any functionality they feel is missing. We've started creating the tools necessary to build any apps on top of Aragon and these are the latest ones to help support the constructing of the Aragon ecosystem.

First audit report

To provide transparency on the progress of our development, we published the initial audit report of the aragonOS system that powers the version 0.5 release of Aragon Core.

The first review for the aragonOS architecture system was enacted by Adam Dossa and the full report can be found in the Aragon wiki.

The audit motivated some changes in the codebase, but no critical problems were found.

Further audits and public bug bounty programs are scheduled to begin in January 2018. If you're interested in taking part and contributing on these bug bounties or any other bounties in our GitHub repositories, look for the bounty labels in the different repository issues!

News from the Front

Starting with the next version, v0.5 — The Refactor Release, Aragon will feature an entirely revamped interface. The decision to redesign the DApp was simple. There was a need to align the app and it's updated graphical identity, design principles and use cases to the origin of the project.

Here Pierre Bertet provided a quick update about the progress that has been made recently on the front-end side of things.


Smart contracts for running Aragon Core organizations

With the latest updates after the audit, aragonOS version was upgraded to 2.0.1.

Implemented support for dynamic returns in delegatecall proxies

I presented on this subject at the Ethereum Devcon3 conference titled Designing future-proof smart contract systems and the work on the subject continued even further.The presentation slides can be found in the wiki.

This PR abstracts the concept of a DelegateProxy that both KernelProxy and AppProxy now use for delegatecall'ing to the actual implementation.

Also forwards will revert when attempting to forward a call to an address without code, as it would just fail silently before.

(Byzantium) Implement support for dynamic returns in delegatecall proxies by izqui

Also updates Zeppelin's token contracts to the latest version to avoid failure with SafeMath assertions

Adapt tests for Byzantium revert's and remove pre-Byzantium logic from DelegateProxy by izqui

Simplified permission instance parent to permission owner in the ACL

In the current iteration of the Kernel ACL, every permission instance has its own 'parent'. A more detailed explanation can be found in the ACL section of the aragonOS doc. In this model the parent of a permission instance means two different things:

Parent can always revoke a permission instance.

If an entity has a permission and it is also its own parent, it can regrant the permission.

The problem with this permission model is that in case a permission has been granted to an entity that cannot do arbitrary calls (i.e. Finance or Fundraising)

Proposed new model

Introduce a permission owner at the permission level and remove the permission parent from the permission instance level. The owner is able to grant or revoke an arbitrary number of permission instances of that permission.

ACL: permission instance parent -> permission owner by izqui

The fundraising app was changed to comply with the new ERC-677 standard

Merge fundraising-erc677 - aragon/aragonOS@8b1e4c3

Implement BaseFactory for atomic DAO deployments

The idea behind having a Factory deploying organizations is only needing 1 on-chain transaction to completely set up a default organization with sane permission defaults.

It performs a deploy of a KernelProxy, one MiniMeToken and one instance of every default aragonOS apps.

The default permissions give too much power to the Group called 'Founders Group' in which the creator of the organization is added. For very destructive actions (such as upgrading the Kernel), a voting is required. The voting app uses the created token as its governance token, the creator of the organization is given 1 token so the voting app is usable.

When launch approaches we should create multiple types of factories (kind of like organization templates).

Implement BaseFactory for atomic DAO deployments by izqui - Pull Request #126 - aragon/aragonOS

Improved interfaces for easier Aragon app development

Makes it easier to bundle the interfaces for app development instead of having to copy the entire Kernel file.

Add Kernel interface for apps by izqui - Pull Request #133 - aragon/aragonOS

Polishing was done on the Voting app

After calling votingApp.changeMinAcceptQuorumPct(uint256 _minAcceptQuorumPct), a vote that was thought of not being approved because minimum quorum wasn't met, could become executable because of the quorum change.

The reverse case can also happen, in which a vote looks like it will be approved but changing the acceptance quorum makes it unsuccessful.

The proposed change is for every vote to keep track of what the minAcceptQuorumPct value was at creation time.

Instead of returning a hash of the evm call script, return the entire script.

Remove useless boolean from storage.

Improve calculations for support and min quorum for small quorums

Voting app polish by izqui - Pull Request #134 - aragon/aragonOS

New tests for the MiniMe token, contributed by community member cpurta

Add tests for covering both basic ERC20 functionality and MiniMe specific functionality such as cloning.

Minime token testing by cpurta - Pull Request #142 - aragon/aragonOS

Linter upgrade, contributed by community member cpurta

Upgrade solium to most recent version and update the configuration file to use updated config syntax. Also added some of the fixes suggested by the linter.

Linter upgrade by cpurta - Pull Request #147 - aragon/aragonOS

Added ability to execute initialization payload on AppProxy deployment

Adds the ability to provide a payload to be executed when an AppProxy is deployed. This allows to perform an atomic deployment and initialization of any app without the need to have a specific factory.

It shouldn't introduce any security vulnerabilities as the proxy will forward any call in the same way after it being deployed.

Add ability to execute initialization payload on AppProxy deployment by izqui - Pull Request #148 ...

Upgraded solium to ^1.0.4, contributed by community member cpurta

Added most recent version of solium to package along with all the dependencies needed for that version.

Upgrade solium to ^1.0.4 by cpurta - Pull Request #150 - aragon/aragonOS

Removed Babel

As Node 9 and 8.9.x was released, we no longer have unsupported features in this repository. I think we can safely remove Babel and use Node 8.9.x or Node 9, since we only use Node for tests.

Remove babel by onbjerg - Pull Request #154 - aragon/aragonoS

Updated canPerform + getPermission to hasPermission in the Kernel

kernel: canPerform + getPermission -> hasPermission - aragon/aragonOS@a1b6694

Added LogScriptCall to allow tracing forwards

Adding this event will allow to recover forwarding paths from transaction receipts. This is needed to properly show the side-effects of a given transaction in components such as the tx queue

Add LogScriptCall to allow tracing forwards by izqui - Pull Request #159 - aragon/aragonOS

And all the apps were moved to their own repository, aragon-apps

Apps have been moved to their own repo, aragon-apps so they can be developed along side their client code and have standard APM package structure.

What remains in aragonOS is the Kernel and common components used by apps. A decision on whether APM contracts should be moved in to aragonOS is still to be made.

Move apps to aragon-apps by izqui - Pull Request #140 - aragon/aragonOS


This monorepo contains the core applications that are bundled with Aragon by default.

The Voting app received multiple small changes

  • Change all instances where 'voting' was being used instead of 'vote'.
  • Logs voter stake in cast vote event.
  • Add boolean parameter when casting a vote on whether it should be automatically executed .

Multiple voting app small changes by izqui - Pull Request #30 - aragon/aragon-apps

Budget in the Finance app got fixed

After a budget decrease, checking the remaining budget can fail because expenses are greater than the budget amount for a given token.

We should add a check on whether what was already spent is more than the budget and return 0 as remaining budget.

Fix budget after decreasing below spent amount by izqui - Pull Request #28 - aragon/aragon-apps

Test coverage was increased to 95%

Changes in multiple apps to increase coverage

Increase test coverage by izqui - Pull Request #22 - aragon/aragon-apps

Updated aragonOS dependency to 1.0.2 and adapt tests to Byzantium, contributed by community member yippee-ki-yay

A similar PR was already merged for aragonOS.

I updated the aragonOS dependency to 1.0.2 and upgraded the test to check for assertRevert (the new opcode added in Byzantium) also had to upgrade ethereumjs-testrpc so it has the revert opcode.

Update aragonOS dependency to 1.0.2 and adapt tests to Byzantium by yippee-ki-yay - Pull Request...

Changed access modifiers for all contracts

All functions should have an explicit access modifier (external, public, etc.).

Update linter and assert explicit function visibility modifiers by izqui - Pull Request #33 ...


Aragon UI is the interface toolkit used by Aragon and its related projects.

The big change on aragon-ui was the move from Vue to React. Otherwise progress on this front-end toolkit has been steady and moving ahead very nicely.

Move to React

Note: this PR also includes the color system.

The objective I have in mind is to release a documentation website (looking like an Aragon website), also providing the design specifications.

Eventually, I'd like to provide to Aragon developers a unified website, containing everything needed to build on the platform: node-aragon API, Aragon UI components API, but also guides and guidelines.

Storybook provides a super nice environment to develop components (it's my go-to solution), but I don't think it would be flexible enough for our case (or it would mean disabling its main features like the bottom panel).

To summarize: more control, trivial to implement (menu + routing + stories), dogfooding, and eventually a better experience.

Loader is the only component missing, I think it's too specific for now. I'd like to see how we manage loading states in the Aragon client before adding a generic Loader component.

Move to React by bpierre - Pull Request #2 - aragon/aragon-ui

Moved from scoped CSS to CSS modules

Move from scoped CSS to CSS modules - aragon/aragon-ui@fe308a1

Set the assets public URL at runtime

Using the transpiled library solves all this problems, except one. Most modern build systems have some mechanism to import non-JS dependencies, which allows, in the context of a components library, to have the assets of a component in the same directory (instead of using a global folder).

When the modules are transpiled, the link between the importing module and the assets is lost in the process, and all the links to the assets are broken.

The solution implemented by this commit is the following:

The library is transpiled to universal JS, with and without ES6 modules (for tree shaking, if the parent project build system supports it).

The parent project imports the transpiled version of Aragon UI, and also copy the Aragon UI assets into a directory where they can be served by a web server.

The parent project wraps the Aragon UI app into AragonApp, which allows to set the public URL of the toolkit assets: <AragonApp publicUrl=/>

That way, each Aragon UI component using an asset is aware of the URL where they can be fetched from.

Set the assets public URL at runtime by bpierre - Pull Request #9 - aragon/aragon-ui

Instructions were added on how to import the Aragon UI

Add instructions to import Aragon UI - aragon/aragon-ui@b37535c

Added babel-plugin-styled-components

Provides a small debugging quality-of-life upgrade in the gallery for component names and classnames.

I've left the plugin's own minification and transpilation step on since they seem fairly safe. They're producing a negligible ~3--4kb decrease on the non-minified builds for me right now.

Add babel-plugin-styled-components by sohkai - Pull Request #11 - aragon/aragon-ui

Added AppBar

Adds default Aragon app bar with pluggable child elements (some apps only have a title in the app bar; the chevron will be hidden in these cases).

Add AppBar by sohkai - Pull Request #21 - aragon/aragon-ui

Added a set of Icons

They are SVG images, converted to components using svgr (to have them as inline SVGs and make it possible to change their color).

To prevent having all the icons in the final build, they are exported individually (prefixed with Icon)

Icons by bpierre - Pull Request #30 - aragon/aragon-ui

Updates on colors

This commit adds two new colors:



They are both white and should be used for text or outlines that are on top of the positive and negative colors.

It also fixes the color of theme.textTertiary for the light theme, which was the same as theme.textSecondary.

Color updates by bpierre - Pull Request #33 - aragon/aragon-ui

Showing display names of styled components in builds

Enables display names for users of this component library.

Increases the build size by ~2--3kb, which I think is OK for now given the quality of life upgrade. In the future, we can have a production build where this is turned off, or perhaps even better, change the plugin so that all the display names are under a NODE_ENV flag.

Show display names of styled components in builds by sohkai - Pull Request #68 - aragon/aragon-ui

Added TextInput (and TextInput.Number)

Adds a basic, styled <input /> box.

I've added the README as src/Form/, since I can see src/Formcontaining multiple components in the future (all the other input types, etc). In general, it might be interesting to have folders under src/ be groups holding actual components, with each component's documentation living as <component name>.md.

Add TextInput (and TextInput.Number) by sohkai - Pull Request #67 - aragon/aragon-ui

Added the CircleGraph component

Also contains documentation and a demo page.

Add the CircleGraph component by bpierre - Pull Request #73 - aragon/aragon-ui


CLI tool for creating, testing and publishing Aragon applications.

The toolkit was also refactored and support for scaffolding was added.

Initial refactor

This is the initial refactor before we can start working on implementing the playground command

Initial refactor by onbjerg - Pull Request #22 - aragon/aragon-dev-cli

Support scaffolding

Adds support for scaffolding in the init command (for example aragon-dev-cli init [app ENS name] [template name, github repository name])

The command will clone a GitHub repository into a folder. It defaults to cloning aragon/aragon-react-boilerplate. The contents will be cloned to the base name of the application's ENS name, e.g. for foo.aragonpm.eth it would be cloned to a folder called foo.

Given we have multiple official boilerplates, we can alias them (for example, instead of typing aragon/aragon-react-boilerplate, simply typing react is good enough).


We somehow need to update the name key of the manifest.json file in templates, but they might be in different locations

Support scaffolding by onbjerg - Pull Request #20 - aragon/aragon-dev-cli

Added ENS registry address flag

Adds support to passing a custom ENS Registry address as an option. This allows to use aragon-dev- cli in a dev network without a canonical ENS Registry

Add ENS registry address flag by izqui - Pull Request #16 - aragon/aragon-dev-cli


Radspec is a safe alternative to Ethereum's natspec

Radspec will introduce the following features:

  • External calls: Radspec can perform calls to external contracts
  • Safe: Radspec has no DOM access at all.
  • Simple: Even though radspec requires you to inline types for external calls, the syntax is very familiar and readable (it looks like Flow).
  • Compatible: Most natspec comments that already exist are also compatible with Radspec.

Support external calls

Support external calls - aragon/radspec@dbc35c7

Added scanner tests

Add scanner tests - aragon/radspec@f9dee72

Added test cases for external calls and bindings

Add test cases for external calls and bindings - aragon/radspec@c9ce50d

Added types for bindings

Add types for bindings - aragon/radspec@a3689c0


A JavaScript library for interacting with Aragon

Refactoring of RPC handlers

Refactor RPC handlers - aragon/node-aragon@192755f

Refactored Proxy#call

Refactor Proxy#call - aragon/node-aragon@d1a2c70

Added initializable ABI

Add initializable ABI - aragon/node-aragon@d0aea41

Further resources can be found in the Aragon GitHub and in the Aragon wiki!

In the wiki you can find the contribution guide to aragonOS, aragonOS documentation and the Aragon Development Overview with a list of repository owners, and if you feel like contributing or have any questions from the devs, hop onto Aragon.Chat and let us know, we're happy to help!

Current open bounties: