New Aragon Stack Now Live on Mainnet

The new stack includes a tool for everyone to build organizations onchain, so you can experiment with governance at the speed of software.

New Aragon Stack Now Live on Mainnet

We’re incredibly excited to launch our new modular, adaptable, easy-to-use stack: Aragon OSx and Aragon App!

The entire stack is live on Ethereum mainnet. You can find the OSx protocol contracts here and the App here.

When building these tools, we took a modular and user-centric approach, to allow you to create any custom DAO you can imagine. You can also easily deploy a DAO with a few lines of code using the SDK, or in the no-code Aragon App.

Fast, easy-to-use, tools for every builder

As a DAO builder, you need the right tools to build your organization. So, we built a stack with a tool to serve every builder:

  • Aragon OSx: Lean by design, our smart contracts lay the foundation for organizations we can't yet imagine today. Plugins make it easy to customize your governance.
  • Aragon App: User-friendly app with no coding required. The App provides a simple, easy-to-use home base onchain for your community to create proposals, cast votes, and onboard new members.

Let’s dive into each tool in the stack!

Aragon OSx: The foundational governance layer enabling adaptable organizations

Aragon OSx: The foundational governance layer enabling adaptable organizations

Use the new Aragon OSx protocol to extend the logic of what's possible with your DAO.

With our permission management system at its core, you can grant or revoke permissions for addresses to perform actions within the DAO. This enables the "installing" and "uninstalling" of governance plugins, embedding experimentation into your organization as it evolves.

You can even build custom governance plugins to adapt the decision-making model used in your organization.

Let’s dive into the details:

Governance plugins enable adaptable, ever-evolving organizations

Using governance plugins, you can add new types of governance mechanisms to your DAO and simply “unplug” them when you want to try something new.

A plugin is a connection to an external contract that your DAO grants permission to. When you want to use the plugin—for example, for ERC-20 voting—the plugin is granted voting permission. But when you want to change your governance model—maybe to delegated voting—you simply revoke the voting permission to the ERC-20 voting plugin and grant it to the delegated voting one. And now, your DAO has a new governance model!

This means your organization can change and evolve, even though it’s deployed on the blockchain. With our permission management system at the center, the OSx enables mutable organization on an immutable blockchain.

Unlimited potential to build the organizations of the future

The DAOs we see in the world today won’t look the same as the DAOs 10 years from now. So, we wanted to create a framework that allows you to build anything, not just the functions that you see in the world today.

The governance logic in the smart contracts can be extended indefinitely, allowing for use cases we can't yet imagine today.

OSx was built strategically lean, simple, and modular, so you can mix and match what you need and skip what you don’t. It is drastically simplified from earlier versions and entirely adaptable to your needs, so you aren’t held back to build what you want!

Run experiments that move the entire ecosystem forward

The plugins and DAOs you build will help the entire ecosystem innovate. With a modular design system, you can use plugins built by other developers without needing to fork the entire system.

Simple, low barrier to entry experimentation is what will move the ecosystem forward, and we can’t wait to experiment alongside you!

Use the SDK to build DAOs with just a few lines of code

In our new software development kit, you can launch a DAO without needing to write a line of Solidity! Access the power of the OSx without getting into the weeds of the smart contracts.

Use the power of the SDK to grant and revoke permissions to other addresses, create and vote on proposals, add or remove members to your DAO, as well as many other features our SDK enables.

For more ideas of what to build, check out our list of dApps you can build with Aragon OSx!

Aragon App: Launch a DAO onchain with no coding required

Aragon App: Launch a DAO onchain with no coding required

The Aragon App makes it easy to build and deploy your DAO onchain in minutes without having to write any code.

The App is simple and easy to use, with resources and education every step of the way.

Aragon App Easy-to-use creation flow

Here’s the easy-to-use creation flow :

1. Choose your blockchain

Select from a variety of testnets or the Ethereum mainnet. More chains, like Polygon, are coming soon!

2. Define DAO details and claim ENS subdomain name

You can customize it to fit your DAO’s branding, too. Add a logo, links, and description. Your DAO can claim its own custom ENS handle under the subdomain .dao.eth! You set the exact subdomain name you’d like in this step.

3. Select membership type: wallets or token holders

Next, you’ll select how membership is defined in your DAO. This can be done through authorized wallet addresses or by minting tokens and distributing them to wallets. If you choose to mint a token, you can set a token name and determine how many tokens you would like to mint. You can always mint more later and distribute to the community.

4. Set voting parameters

In this step, you’ll determine voting parameters such as minimum participation rate, pass rate, minimum vote duration, early execution, and vote change. Guides and helpful tips are included along the way to make it easy to set these parameters without worry!

5. Launch your DAO homebase

Tired of having your DAO members spread across tons of different platforms? Our simple, user-friendly homebase brings DAO governance and management in one place. Create proposals, cast votes, track the lifecycle of a decision, manage your treasury, add members, and manage governance all from the App homepage.

Education and resources to help along the way

You don’t have to build a DAO alone. With our education and resources baked into the App creation flow, you can get information on how to build your DAO without having to leave the App.

We know that there can be tons of uncertainty when starting a DAO, which is why we created a comprehensive education portal to help you launch your organization with confidence.

Roadmap for Aragon OSx and Aragon App

Roadmap for Aragon OSx and Aragon App

As DAOs evolve, they will take many different forms. From network states and digital cities to small investment groups and collector clubs, DAOs are not one-size-fits-all. And they will keep growing in ways we cannot predict.

With the power of plugins, Aragon OSx will enable any type of organization you can imagine.

But this is just the first iteration of OSx and App. On the horizon for our stack you can expect:

  • Launch on Polygon.
  • Add more functionality for the App with our smart contract composer.
  • Publish the Aragon Open Design System (ODS), which will provide tokenized UX components so anyone can customize the App on the UX level.
  • Provide more custom functionality through our SDK, so dApps can tap into our protocol easier.
  • Build more governance plugins, such as delegate voting, subDAO capabilities, and private voting.
  • Support/importing for your existing tokens
  • Walletconnect: Enable proposals (upon successive conclusion) to execute any external contract through ABI and Walletconnect

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