Aragon + Status: Bringing decentralized organizations everywhere

Aragon + Status: Bringing decentralized organizations everywhere

Getting ready to offer Aragon to 2.3bn smartphone users

Our mission at Aragon is to make decentralized organizations widespread.

To achieve our mission, we built a dApp to easily create and operate decentralized organizations on Ethereum. First, we focused on building a feature rich web and desktop (including MacOS, Linux, and Windows) application.

But our initial focus ignored a major way that over 2.3 billion people interact with applications today: their smartphones. The reason we ignored these users was simple --- the development effort to create mobile applications is significant and would distract from developing fully featured web and desktop versions.

However, we recently discovered Status — a dApp browser for Android and iOS that aims to make decentralized applications available to everyday smartphone users through a beautiful user interface. Their mission to increase dApp user adoption certainly aligns with the core mission of Aragon.

We believe that Status is one of the best Ethereum dApps being developed, so we are excited to announce today that we are partnering with Status to bring Aragon to a mobile application in the coming months. By integrating with Status, we can bring the core functionality of Aragon to a mobile application without the need to develop smartphone compatible versions of Aragon.

We're confident that with Status' well-designed user interface, Aragon users will be able to seamlessly operate organizations on their smartphones with a few simple taps.

If you want to have a sneak peek of all this, you should try Status out.


The Aragon and Status Teams