Aragon to power the district0x Network

Aragon to power the district0x Network

Welcoming district0x to the Aragon Network Jurisdiction

When Jorge and I first set out to build Aragon, we had a vision of creating an operating system for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, providing the infrastructure upon which organizations of the future would organize, administrate, and govern themselves. Our mission is to disintermediate trade and provide both the tooling and conditions necessary for businesses and communities to maximize their efficiency and potential for value creation.

The Aragon Network Jurisdiction represents the embodiment of these ideals, a self-governing system designed to ensure ideal conditions for economic prosperity to its members.

Today, we are pleased to introduce the first resident of the Aragon Network Jurisdiction, the district0x Network

The district0x Network is a collective of decentralized marketplaces and communities powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS. Markets on the network, also referred to as districts, are all built upon a shared framework comprised of smart contracts and front-end libraries which provide the functionality necessary to operate communal marketplaces which are similar to services like AirBNB, eBay, Uber, or Reddit with payments.

When a district is created on the district0x Network, a corresponding Aragon entity will be deployed to the Aragon Network, via which all of the district's governance processes will occur. To facilitate open participation in for all internet citizens, the district0x Network makes use of a native token that allows holders to stake their tokens to a district in exchange for voting shares in its Aragon entity. Voting shares will be used to come to consensus on everything from a district's code of conduct, to the ways in which they choose to monetize, to how any generated revenue on the district is utilized or distributed.

We believe in a world in which the users of services are also its decision makers and financial beneficiaries. The district0x team is on a mission to put the powers afforded by the district0x network effects into the hands of the network themselves, building a global community of decentralized markets. As the providers of the infrastructure for all districts, the Aragon Network is well on its way of becoming the home to immense number of new organizations within the next few years.