Aragon Token Sale Contracts Have Been Deployed and Activated

Aragon Token Sale Contracts Have Been Deployed and Activated

ANT sale begins on Ethereum mainnet’s block 3,723,000 — May 17, ~6pm GMT

How to Participate in the Sale

  • Wait for block 3,723,000 (May 17 at approximately 6pm GMT). You can check what the latest block is on Etherscan. After block 3,722,999 has been mined, it is safe to send the transaction. Note that sending the transaction before that block is mined will result in a loss of fees.
  • Send ETH to the address posted on
  • Send at least 200,000 gas with your transaction.
  • If your contribution is accepted, tokens will be transferred to your address in the same transaction. However, tokens will not be transferable until the sale is finalized.

For more detailed tutorials on how to contribute to the sale, you can check our past post:

How to Securely Participate in the Aragon Token Sale
Using Mist, Parity, My Ether Wallet, and

The Aragon Network Token

The token has already been deployed and identified by Etherscan:

Etherscan Aragon Token Tracker
The Ethereum BlockChain Explorer, API and Analytics

As you can see, the presale contributors already have tokens they received some months ago at a discounted rate. We will publish a fully transparent report about the presale soon. The presale was intentionally kept small in fairness to all buyers, and the discount rate was minor (20%) when compared to other sales.

All presale partners have a 3-month cliff and 6-month vesting schedule, while the public sale buyers will have their tokens totally liquid.

Excited for Wednesday,

The Aragon Team.