Autark under the spotlight for ANV-3

Autark under the spotlight for ANV-3

Aragon Network Vote #3 (ANV-3) is approaching, and with it a significant milestone for the Flock program.

In October 2018, the Aragon Association decided to radically decentralize the development of Aragon products by creating Aragon Flock. Aragon Flock is a grants program governed by ANT holders. It funds a set of core independent teams contributing to Aragon daily.

Last January, Autark’s first application to Flock got approved by the community, providing the team enough funding to run six months of operations. Two quarters forward, the Aragon Flock program is now three teams large, and the Autark team proposes to renew its membership for a year on the vote happening 2019-07-25, 16:00 UTC.

This is an important milestone for the Flock program as Autark would be the second team in Aragon’s history to be approved for a 12 months mandate after Aragon One.

All ANT holders are encouraged to review and vote on AGP-73!

Trying to make your life a bit easier, the Aragon Association compiled a list of links to go through before submitting your vote.

See you on Thursday to submit your votes on Autark’s proposal and the other seven proposals submitted by the community that you can find here.

Need better and easier ways to process information on Flock teams? The Aragon Association is open for feedback and demands from the community. Feel free to ping @louisgrx on the Aragon Chat.