DAO Global Hackathon 2023: Bounties

Find a bounty you want to work toward, gather your team, and start building! You have until May 7 to create your project.

DAO Global Hackathon 2023: Bounties

This year’s DAO Global Hackathon begins on April 10! We’ve brought together 20 web3 industry leaders to create bounties to inspire builders like you. Below, you can find summaries of the bounties from each partner. More bounties will be added soon.

Find a bounty you want to work toward, gather your team, and start building! You have until May 7 to create your project.

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Best decision-making plugin

Build and publish an Aragon OSx plugin (in either testnet, Ethereum mainnet, or Polygon) enabling DAOs to make decisions. Judging will be based looking for plugins which help DAOs make the best decisions for the long-term, all while making governance fun and exciting.

USD 4,000

Most creative use of OSX

Build the most creative use of Aragon OSx, ideally unlocking a fun new use case on the way. Judging will be on the most out-of-the-box thinking and most compelling use case.

USD 5,000

Permission Management Dashboard

Build a Permission Management Dashboard for Aragon DAOs enabling DAO members to better assess which addresses hold which permissions, and what those permissions enable them to do. Judging will be done based on the project providing the better user experience and making this experience the easiest to understand for users. The tool should be built for Aragon DAOs.

USD 4,000

Best quickstart dApp for DAOs

Build a dApp allowing users to quickly spin up DAOs based on their specific use case or industry. Judging will be based on use of Aragon OSx, easy-to-use user experience, and real-world usefulness.

USD 7,000 given to one or split between two winners


DAO Interoperability (2)

The goal of this bounty is to create the most seamless integration between two or more DAOs, enabling cross-DAO collaboration, communication, and data sharing. With the proliferation of DAOs in various sectors, it's becoming increasingly essential to create interoperability between them. The successful integration of multiple DAOs will foster collaboration, innovation, and community growth and help advance the adoption of DAO technology.

USD 3,000 split between two winners

Mobile Notification System for Multi-Community Members (2)

The goal of this bounty is to create a mobile notification system for multi-community members that will keep them updated about important events. The winning project will be selected based on the quality, usability, and effectiveness of the notification system created. The system should be user-friendly and allow for customization based on the user's preferences.

USD 3,000 split between two winners

Blockchain-Based Storage Mechanisms

The goal of this bounty is to encourage participants to develop innovative and secure blockchain-based storage mechanisms that can be used in various decentralized applications. The winning submissions will demonstrate the ability to store data in a decentralized, tamper-proof, and scalable manner.

USD 1,000

Creating a gamification framework for community engagement in DAOs

We're seeking proposals for the creation of a gamification framework that will enhance community engagement in DAOs using DAO Manager. The framework should be designed to motivate users to participate in DAO activities and encourage collaboration among community members. The gamification framework should be flexible enough to work with various types of DAOs and should be scalable to accommodate growth in membership and activities.

USD 1,500

Utilizing AI in DAOs for Insights, Engagement, and Compensation

We are looking for innovative solutions that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the capabilities of DAOs. Specifically, we are interested in solutions that use AI to improve insights, engagement, and compensation in DAOs. The goal of this bounty is to find new ways to make DAOs more effective and efficient by leveraging the power of AI.

USD 2,000


A New Frontier for DAOs: Unlocking Subjective Oracles

Dispute resolution is the go-to-market branding of Kleros. However, at its core, Kleros is a Schelling-point oracle able to return rulings/answers to subjective questions directly on-chain. It's through this fundamental flow of [ask question -> get answer -> execute logic] that Kleros is able to address use cases such as escrow payment disputes, content moderation, decentralized data curation, and verification of real-world events on-chain.

Your mission is to further unlock the potential of this subjective oracle flow to solve problems, address use cases, or come up with entirely new solutions for DAOs. This can be done either through creating new arbitrable primitives using ERC-792, or using existing Kleros products like Escrow and Curate as building blocks for something new.

USD 10,000


AI Safeguard for DAO Creation

With AI language models becoming more powerful and gaining traction, some legal prudence can be implemented and automated. By using an AI based plugin on a DAO-factory website, a provided free-text description of the DAO purpose shall be evaluated. Creating a DAO (using the factory-frontend) shall only be possible if no violation to the law (as defined by the frontend provider) is detected by the AI.

USD 2,000

Decentralized Contract Calls in DAO Votings

The goal of this bounty is to enable proposals including arbitrary function calls within the Q GDK and DAO Factory as an option for DAO architects to choose from.

USD 3,000

Native integration of Hats Protocol for DAOs on Q

We see immense potential in the combination of issuing or revoking a hat in correspondence to the membership of a given Expert panel, for example for the use of token gating on communication channels.

USD 4,000

Uniswap Foundation

Uniswap Governance Enhancement for the Decentralized Community (3)

The goal of this hackathon is to encourage innovation and development around Uniswap governance. Participants will focus on creating tools, services, and applications that enhance the efficiency, transparency, and inclusiveness of the decision-making process in the Uniswap community.

Prizes: 1st Prize: $6,000 2nd Prize: $3,000 3rd Prize: $1,000

USD 10,000


Kind Reminder

Notifying interested parties about governance proposals or working group meetings can be a tedious task. With the governance community spread across Twitter, email, and Telegram it would be great to give people the option to get reminders where they prefer. Not everyone hangs out in governance forums to stay up to date with notifications.

USD 2,000

Every ENS

There are over 400k DAO voters using ENS. Build something that helps improve the governance experience for ENS users or onboard more governance participants to ENS. Ideas include improving the social discoverability of governance participants with ENS, or tools to help build out profiles/identities for ENS users, or easy ENS registration tools.

USD 2,000

Discourse Delight

Build a plugin to make the Discourse forum experience more delightful for DAO forum users. Ideas include building integrations for Snapshot, Tally, Gitcoin Passport, Sign in with Ethereum or ENS.

USD 2,500


The cure for crypto payments anxiety (2)

The goal for this challenge is to develop a mechanism that makes it possible for someone to send cryptocurrency (ETH and ERC20) to a recipient, but for the transaction to not be finalized until the recipient takes an explicit action to claim the payment.

Winner - $2,000, Runner up - $1,000

USD 3,000


Best Lens web3 Social App (2)

Build an app with social features using Lens Protocol.

1st Place: 2000 USD, 2nd Place: 1000 USD

USD 3,000

Best Lens Integrations (2)

Best implementation of a social feature with Lens Protocol

$1,000 x 2 (two prizes, each $1,000)

USD 2,000


Best DAO tool created using ComposeDB on Ceramic (3)

For this hackathon, we are challenging developers to build DAO tools using ComposeDB on Ceramic. We want to see DAO tools that would make it easier to facilitate discussions and collaboration, tools that would make it easier to track user contributions and rewards members for their work, and any other tools that would make it easier to create, manage and scale DAOs.

Top 3 best projects will be rewarded $500 each.

USD 1,500


Finding Ideal Wallets for Airdrops Among Governance Participants (3)

The purpose of this bounty is to create an algorithm for understanding which governance participants are best for doing an airdrop.

There can be at most 3 winners, and in cases of multiple winners, the prize money will be split between them.

USD 2,000

Onboarding DAOists to DeepDAO (3)

This bounty is a marketing challenge. Please submit a list of the people you referred along with wallet addresses and links to their DeepDAO profiles.

$500 (first prize), $300 (second prize) & $200 (3rd prize)

USD 1,000


Middleware Monetization Selector

This bounty is for creating a dApp/frontend to showcase the various kinds of middlewares supported by the CyberConnect protocol.

USD 2,000

Token Gated Forum

Create a forum dApp (like reddit) powered by CyberConnect protocol.

USD 2,000

Most Innovative Middleware Use Case

Create one or more new middleware modules for either SubscribeNFT or EssenceNFT.

USD 2,000

Lit Protocol

Best Use of Lit Actions and PKPs to Automate DAO Onboarding or Governance

Improving the user experience in web3 is essential for the long-term success and adoption of decentralized technology. By making it easier and more intuitive for users to engage with the ecosystem, we can help create a more open, transparent, and user-centric internet for everyone.

Some ways that you can utilize Lit in order to create seamless onboarding or governance is through programmatic signing. Lit is the underlying infrastructure where developers can set up programmable signing based on on-chain and off-chain information.

USD 5,000


The first NFT event indexer

The task at hand is to build a proof of concept indexer that indexes and displays examples of the events above, and anything else the developer might find interesting.

USD 3,000


Voting strategy for non-financial governance

It means that user’s voting power should not be calculated on the basis of the tokens they hold but by other metrics like badges received upon attending events, Github contributions, participation in Discord / Discourse discussions - possibilities are endless!

USD 500

Voting with Metamask Snap

Create a Metamask snap that enables wallet users to cast votes on Snapshot through the wallet.

USD 1,500

Dune Data Dashboard

The goal of this hackathon is to create a new data dashboard that provides a deep dive into the DAO ecosystem.

USD 1,000

Plugin - create a better voting experience

Create a plugin which enhances the voting process for Snapshot users.

USD 2,000


Composable Developer Components for DAO Tools and Platforms to Integrate Web3-Native Communication (3)

This challenge is to build or extend useful and composable components for developers, powered by the Mailchain SDK, for native-communication features in web3 DAO tooling or platforms.

1st Prize: $900 USDC / 2nd Prize: $400 USDC / 3rd Prize: $200 USDC

USD 1,500

Best Application for Enabling Web3-Native DAO Communication and Coordination

This challenge is open to anyone building applications that enable and improve Web3-Native DAO communication and coordination.

USD 600

Build or Extend DAO Tools and Platforms to include Web3-Native Communication

This challenge is to build or extend DAO tools or platforms to include web3 communication features using the Mailchain SDK.

USD 600

Contributor Posts: Developer Tutorials for DAO Communication Use Cases (3)

This challenge is open to anyone who would like to write a developer tutorial with code samples that demonstrates how to use the Mailchain SDK for DAO-specific use cases.

Bounty Prizes: 3x 100 USDC

USD 300

Pocket Network

The Gateway to Credential-Weighted Voting in Snapshot

Gateway is a protocol for issuing and managing verifiable credentials. Pocket Network plans to use Gateway for the next generation of our proof-of-participation governance model. A key building block for this is enabling Gateway credentials to be weighted in Snapshot strategies. This integration will enable Pocket Network to level up the UX of our governance model and make it easy for any DAO to emulate our approach.

USD 4,000

Credentialing Discourse with Gateway

Gateway is a protocol for issuing and managing verifiable credentials. Pocket Network plans to use Gateway for the next generation of our proof-of-participation governance model. Integrating Gateway credentials with Discourse will make credentials a more integral part of a DAO’s social fabric and ultimately drive more engagement.

USD 4,000

Join us to build exciting tools for DAOs!

You can find more detailed descriptions of the bounties here. Check back next week for more bounties from other partners. We can't wait to see what you build!

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