Introducing Aragon Experts

Introducing Aragon Experts

During the current DeFi summer, there have been a number of teams and crypto projects that have launched their Aragon DAOs. In fact, Aragon has been the leading DAO platform powering DeFi projects.

Aragon One helped some of these projects in the early days, by onboarding a couple of them per quarter and giving them support. As a small team our goal is to build out the core infrastructure that enables thousands of DAOs to thrive. We are thrilled that protocols and communities are turning to Aragon as they decentralize. This is amazing and we want to stay focused on building the foundation that supports these things. We cannot do this while also meeting the growing demand for consultation and development work from projects wanting to use and adapt the Aragon DAO framework.

The Aragon ecosystem is solidifying its position as the leading platform to create governance mechanisms with the release of Aragon Connect and the up and coming launch of Aragon Agreements.

Many players inside the Aragon ecosystem, including the Aragon Association, have thought about the best way to cope with this demand. We have always wanted to minimize the power of the Aragon Association, similar to the Ethereum Foundation’s philosophy of subtraction. Because of that, we think that the best way to cope with the increasing demand is to push it to the edges. Instead of centralizing it and creating a monolithic structure to handle it, we want to create a flourishing ecosystem of community members and organizations that can assist projects in using the Aragon framework. There are community members that know the Aragon stack very well already, so we just need a way of directing dealflow to them!

We will create a page in the Aragon website which will feature community organizations and teams that can help projects with their governance needs. It will be called Aragon Experts.

In order to apply to the first cohort, please visit this thread on the Aragon forum and submit a reply with your reasons to get listed on the Aragon Experts section.

We are very excited to bring more opportunities to the great teams and developers who have already committed to the Aragon stack and can help push DAOs forward.

Disclaimer: Aragon Experts will be launched as a pilot and will not offer any quality assurance guarantees on the different teams or entities listed on the website. Rather, clients should always perform their own due diligence.