Final details for Aragon Network Vote #6

Aragon Network Vote #6 (ANV-6) is scheduled to begin on March 11, 2020 at 16:00 UTC.

The Aragon Association Board of Directors has considered and approved one proposal for the final ballot.

Read on for instructions about how to participate in this vote.

What ANT holders are voting on

ANV-6 is a special vote. In this vote ANT holders will consider AGP-155, a proposal to sunset the current AGP process in preparation for adopting a new Aragon Agreement for the Aragon Network DAO. Interested voters can read the full details of the proposal and background information in the AGP itself:

AGP-155: Sunsetting the AGP process

We invite voters to join the discussion about this proposal in the Aragon Network Vote #6 Megathread on the Aragon Forum.

How to vote in Aragon Network Vote #6

All ANT holders as of March 11, 2020 at 16:00 UTC (approximately) will be eligible to vote “yes” or “no” on AGP-155. The vote will last for 48 hours and then the result will be locked in via the Voting app when the vote ends on March 13, 2020 at 16:00 UTC.

The URL of the Voting app to use for this vote is:

Note that as one of the oldest Aragon organizations on the Ethereum mainnet, governance.aragonproject.eth may take 3-5 minutes to load depending on how fast the nodes you're connected to are. If you experience any issue viewing the open votes for Aragon Network Vote #6, please give the app time to load.

Participating in the vote will not transfer any ANT from your wallet. The only money that will be sent is the ETH used to pay gas for each vote transaction. Voting only requires interacting with the correct Voting app address; the ANT contract doesn’t need to be interacted with at all.

When the vote is proposed by the Aragon Association board at 16:00 UTC March 11th, a snapshot of ANT is automatically taken. ANT balances at that time will provide voting power for the vote.

If your ANT is stored by an exchange or an account that won’t be able to sign the vote transaction using one of the methods described below, please move your ANT before 16:00 UTC March 11th to an address that will be able to vote.

After the vote appears in the Voting app and the snapshot is taken, the ANT can be safely transferred back to your other account and you will still be able to vote with the address that had the tokens at the time the snapshot was taken.


Example of how you will be able to view how many tokens you can vote with using the Voting app

You can find more detailed instructions for how to vote with your ANT, along with documentation about how to cryptographically verify the proposal that is on the ballot, in the Aragon Wiki. It is not necessary to cryptographically verify the proposal, but having this option available helps keep the vote honest and secure.

If you run into any trouble voting, check the troubleshooting section of the Aragon User Guide, and if the Aragon client continues to not work for any reason then you can vote using the raw transaction data below.

Raw vote transaction data

If you are voting from an offline wallet using MyCrypto or another tool for signing raw transactions, you will need the raw vote transaction data below. If you have any trouble using the Aragon client, you can also use the raw transaction data below to cast your vote using MyCrypto with any of the supported signing options.

AGP-155: Sunsetting the AGP process

Raw transaction YES vote:

To address: 0xcfee4d3078f74197ce77120dbfe6d35f443cab1c
Value: 0 ETH
Gas limit: 120000

Raw transaction NO vote:

To address: 0xcfee4d3078f74197ce77120dbfe6d35f443cab1c
Value: 0 ETH
Gas limit: 120000

What this data means (example)