Final results from Aragon Network Vote #6

Final results from Aragon Network Vote #6

On March 13, 2020, Aragon Network Vote #6 concluded.

In this vote, ANT holders had only one proposal to consider: AGP-155, a proposal to sunset the Aragon Governance Proposal process that the Aragon project has used for signalling decisions since November 2018. This proposal was put forth in preparation for Phase 3 of the Aragon Network launch, which will see ANT holders adopt a new governance process before assuming control of the Aragon Network from the current Governor Council.

The final result from Aragon Network Vote #6: AGP-155 has been approved by voters!

You can see this result recorded in the official Aragon Voting app used for this vote.

The YES outcome received 79.78% of the vote, a little over 13 points more than the 66.67% support that the proposal needed to pass.

What happens next

As previously laid out in our Evolving Aragon Network governance blog post, now that AGP-155 has been approved the Aragon community will be focusing its efforts on the aforementioned Phase 3 of the Aragon Network launch. The main pieces missing before we can kick off Phase 3 are the Aragon Agreements app and the Aragon Network Agreement itself.

From Introducing Aragon Agreements on the Aragon One blog:

Aragon Agreements leverage Aragon Court to allow Aragon organizations to benefit from the richness of subjective terms and conditions that can either not be expressed in smart contracts or when doing so would result in a complicated and slow-moving organization.

Agreements are a generalization of the previously described Proposal Agreements, that would have allowed organizations to have subjective rules for what types of proposals were allowed in the organization.

Agreements take it a step further by allowing subjective text to govern any action someone can perform in an organization, including but not limited to proposals.

In short, Aragon Agreements are a tool that organizations can use in combination with Aragon Court to prevent and protect against actions by voting members that would violate the purpose and values of the organization. The Aragon Network needs this protection, too.

Currently, in Phase 2 of the Aragon Network launch (a testing phase) a trusted Governor Council is responsible for governing the Aragon Network and keeping it safe. In Phase 3, governance control will be transferred from the Governor Council to ANT holders, who will then have full and direct control of the Aragon Network and subsidiary services such as Aragon Court. But before this transition can be complete, an Aragon Agreement must be adopted by ANT holders so that minority and passive tokenholders in the Aragon Network are protected from a hypothetical (but possible) malicious majority of tokenholders. Then, in case of any action in the Network that goes against the Aragon Network Agreement, any tokenholder will be able to raise a dispute and use Aragon Court for protection.

The Aragon One team is currently tasked with building the Agreements app, and work has already started on its development. In parallel, the Aragon Association is beginning work on the text of the Aragon Network Agreement itself. A draft of this text will be shared with the community for review and feedback in the coming months as we prepare to deploy the Agreements app for the Aragon Network and transition to Phase 3. And of course, when the Agreements app is ready for public release, we will share its source code and designs for review as well. Once the Aragon Network Agreement and Agreements app implementations are finalized, we will announce an Aragon Network Vote to adopt the Agreement and kick off Phase 3.

The pieces are falling into place for the Aragon Network to finally and fully go live and achieve its potential as an independent digital jurisdiction. While we have now closed the last chapter on the AGP process, a new chapter in Aragon history begins, one in which ANT holders will play the leading role in shaping the course of the Aragon Network.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Aragon Network Vote #6 and has supported the project this far! We are excited to write the next chapters in Aragon’s history with you.