Final results from the AGP-1 vote

Final results from the AGP-1 vote

After one month of preparation, starting with a public review and comment period and ending with a final approval by the Aragon Association Board of Directors, Aragon Network Token holders were given an opportunity to approve or reject AGP-1, the Aragon Governance Proposal process, on November 15, 2018 in a vote that lasted for 48 hours.

We're excited and proud to say that ANT voters overwhelmingly voted to approve AGP-1.

The final results of the vote on the question Should the Aragon project adopt AGP-1 as the Aragon Governance Proposal process? are:

  • Yes: 1,040,515.47716 ANT (99.97%)
  • No: 359.81674 ANT (0.03%)

Breaking down the vote

The statistics that underlie this vote are as interesting to us as the results themselves:

  • Number of unique addresses participating: 45
  • Percentage of total ANT supply participating: 2.62693%
  • Largest number of tokens voting from a single address: 594,143.02238671 ANT (0x5a36c5bb86b1d8037576fda54422e60823067063)
  • Smallest number of tokens voting from a single address: 0.05363874 ANT (0xd395d4a9753310f3940de2673c70c251224e3d07)
  • Number of votes made using the Aragon Voting app: 38
  • Number of votes made using a raw transaction: 7

A review of these statistics shows that there is still a lot of room to improve voter turnout. There is already a discussion started in the Aragon forum related to this, and we expect to see more discussion on this topic as the AGP process matures and more votes are held. On that topic...

Preparing for the next AGP vote

With AGP-1 officially approved by ANT voters, it's time to get ready for the next vote, the first to be held using the new AGP-1 process. The date of the next vote is scheduled to start January 17, 2019, and AGP drafts must be finalized no later than January 3rd. This gives Aragon community members about a month and a half to prepare AGPs before the next vote.

For the complete details about how to make a proposal using the AGP process, I refer you to AGP-1, which defines the official process end to end. If you have an idea for an AGP that fits into one of the tracks defined in AGP-1, you are invited to start an Aragon forum thread in the Community category using the AGP tag so that Aragon community members can give you feedback about your proposal.

If you have any questions or comments about the process, I am available @light in the Aragon Chat and Aragon forum.

Thank you!

This landmark achievement could not have been made without the many people who contributed to the drafting and final approval of AGP-1.

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback during the review process, and thank you to everyone who voted, even - especially - the people who voted No. We appreciate your participation and hope you will continue to engage in the process and help make Aragon governance even better as time goes on.