Final token sale recap

Final token sale recap

Quick recap of the details for today:

  • Sale starts on block 3,723,000. Previously announced estimation was off by like 3 hours, we estimate the sale will start somewhere around 6-7pm GMT.
  • Token and address for participating to the sale has been published at (all transactions prior to initial block will fail)
  • Send at least 200,000 gas with your transfer to the above address.
  • No transaction data is needed in the transaction. Don't add anything to that field unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Tokens will be credited to the address that sent the transaction right away, but won't be transferable to other addresses until the sale is finalized.

Please read How to Securely Participate in the sale for information and tutorials on how to participate.

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We are incredibly humbled by all the interest and support, and seeing that the Aragon Network dream is a bit closer to being a reality.


The Aragon Team