First community-wide Aragon Feedback Survey!

First community-wide Aragon Feedback Survey!

Tell us what you think of Aragon and how we can improve the project in the future

For us it has always been imperative that we learn what our community members think of the path the project is taking. Aragon will be community governed, it will remain open and transparent, thus it is vital for us to gather feedback while moving forward.

Now that we have released Aragon Core v0.5 — The Architect — it's time to hear your thoughts on how has your experience with it been and how can we improve it in the future. This survey is about the Aragon project in general, so you can take part even if you haven't used the app yet!

This survey is targeting all the different groups that make Aragon what it is:

  • Users of Aragon, may it be Core, aragonOS or other parts
  • Developers who want to build things on top of Aragon
  • Members of other Ethereum projects, some might be participating in the Labs or Nest initiatives, or want to use Aragon for their governance
  • Community members who are participating in shaping the project
  • Everyone who has interest in future of the project

Voice your thoughts on what Aragon is and how we can make it even better!

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You can complete this survey completely anonymously and we won't be collecting any personal data from those respondents. To reward people for completing this survey, you can opt-in and provide an email address if you wish to be included in a draw where we will randomly select one participant to win a reward of 50 ANT, an Aragon hoodie, t-shirt, baseball cap and stickers!


Help us create Aragon together, fill out the survey at!