How to Securely Participate in the Aragon Token Sale

Using Mist, Parity, My Ether Wallet, and Metamask

The ANT token sale is happening on May 17th! In anticipation, we've been and will continue to frequently post about Aragon and sale details. In this post, we list the sources to trust for ANT sale information, and provide instructions for purchasing with Mist, Parity, My Ether Wallet, and Metamask.

Trusted Sources for the Token Sale Address

Sources that you can trust for Aragon Network Token sale details:

To mitigate the risk of denial of service attacks, we've purposely spread the sources you can obtain the sale address over multiple services:

  • The sale website will be hosted on Github Pages behind Cloudflare, which is used as a CDN for cache.
  • The blog-post will be hosted by Medium.
  • Slack channel.
  • You can prepare your transaction before hand (as explained in the Advanced MyEtherWallet tutorial) and broadcast it from any Ethereum node to avoid being affected by wallets being too congestionated.

Sale contribution tutorials







Advanced (Send offline, generate transaction in multiple steps):

Note 1: All addresses shown in the above videos are test addresses. The token sale address in still unknown.

Note 2: Please don't send any ether to the sale address from an exchange. Always send it to your own wallet first, and then contribute from there.