Introducing Aragon Connect

Introducing Aragon Connect

DAOs allow people anywhere in the world to work together and form grassroots movements. Previously, developers creating experiences for Aragon could only do so inside the Aragon client. While some developers have created their standalone experiences, it wasn’t easy!

Today, that’s changing — thanks to Aragon Connect.

Aragon Connect unlocks the power of DAOs, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate DAO-related functionality in their apps.

Enabling your community to incentivize contributors, pool funds, vote over resource allocation... The sky is the limit!

From fetching all the token holders (e.g. members) of a DAO in just 5 lines of code, to getting all the votes in 4 lines of code, Connect is extremely easy to use.

Connect is also blazing fast thanks to The Graph — taking just milliseconds to resolve some queries. It also allows you to point an Ethereum node or even your own TheGraph node — developers can always choose their decentralization threshold!

We are extremely excited to see what developers build with Connect. Developers will now be able to create fully customized and seamless user experiences where users may not even notice that they are interacting with a blockchain — let alone Aragon.

Check out code examples and start building now! 🚀