Introducing Mihai Alisie as an Advisor

Introducing Mihai Alisie as an Advisor

Why him, why now and the road ahead

We announced two of our Advisors before the successful ANT sale. Kenny Rowe from the MakerDAO project and Jake Brukhman of CoinFund. Both experts in their fields and respected members of the Ethereum community.

While we did have our Board of Advisors in place before the token sale, we chose not to disclose all the members then.

Introducing Mihai Alisie as an Advisor to Aragon

Mihai Alisie is one of the early pioneers in this space. Mihai created Bitcoin Magazine in 2011 together with Vitalik Buterin, later joining him as one of the original four Ethereum Founders in late 2013. By early 2014 Mihai was trail blazing the Ethereum Swiss business and legal efforts in preparation for the Ethereum pre-sale.

The results of these efforts can be enjoyed today by blockchain entrepreneurs from all around the world as it lead to the transformation of Zug into one of the world's most friendly crypto jurisdictions --- hence the name Crypto Valley and Home for many blockchain projects.

Following the successful Ethereum Swiss setup and pre-sale, Mihai served as Strategic Manager and Vice-President of the Ethereum Foundation until late 2015 when the Ethereum genesis block materialized.

This is when his desire to playfully experiment with Ethereum in the search for solutions that can make a positive impact at societal level pushed him towards creating the AKASHA project, a next-generational social network powered by Ethereum and IPFS.

Mihai and I talked for the first time months ago, after I published a post about how human relationships have been owned, and how AKASHA could change that.

After publishing the post, we started talking about very philosophical topics regarding how blockchain could help humans be sovereign again. I immediately understood that Mihai is heavily interested in the societal implications of decentralization --- something that I deeply share, and try to reflect in Aragon as well.

After this initial contact we met in person in Paris at EDCON and later in the beautiful Zug where we learned the full story behind Crypto Valley and how everything started. Thanks to the help of Mona from Melonport and Soren, we also managed to organize a meetup talk together with AKASHA and Statuswhile there:

One thing led to another and Mihai started advising Aragon --- his help and insight, among other things, has been invaluable on establishing the financial infrastructure for our project. However, since some projects have used the names of many Ethereum co-founders to take advantage of their reputation, we decided to post-pone the announcement until now --- after the dust has settled from the token sale.

Today, we are happy to officially announce that Mihai Alisie joined the Aragon Advisory team, and that he is in very good company with Jake Brukhman and Kenny Rowe!

Aragon's previously announced Advisors


Jake Brukhman

Jake Brukhman, CoinFund

Background in quantitative analytical skills and life-long interest in computer science. Recently Jake has been studying digital crowdfunding and cryptoassets. His role will be crucial in assisting Aragon with the complexities of crypto-economics. He will also help us on creating the financial incentives for the Aragon Network and partnering with other projects.


Kenny Rowe

Kenny Rowe, MakerDAO

Kenny is the one in charge of governance at MakerDAO, and the COO of Dai Foundation. MakerDAO is one of the top projects in the space regarding governance and transparency. His input and contribution has been invaluable to implement Aragon's own governance.

We are extremely thankful to our advisors and our community for helping us shape the future of Aragon. We couldn't be more excited for what's to come.