Introducing the Aragon Development Plan

Introducing the Aragon Development Plan

The road ahead to make decentralized organizations widespread

Last week, we announced our token sale and its terms.

Today, we will be addressing the future of Aragon, by releasing our Development Plan.

The Development Plan talks about:

  • Our background and vision
  • The organizational structure we will adopt to make it happen
  • Our previous releases, and their primary features
  • The future Aragon Core (the dapp) releases, and their characteristics
  • The future of the Aragon Network and how Aragon Core will integrate into it
  • Approximated timeline for all releases until 2019
  • Features we want to see in the long term future

It's 15 pages, but we are happy with everything we have managed to condense in there.

As always, we want to thank our wonderful community — with your insights and knowledge, every day we have a better idea of where Aragon should head. And we couldn't be more excited about it.


The Aragon Team