Notice of permission changes in the Aragon Governance organization

Notice of permission changes in the Aragon Governance organization

This is a message from the Aragon Association Board of Directors.

On October 3, 2019, in advance of Aragon Network Vote #4, the Aragon Association multisig address performed a permission change in the Aragon Governance organization. This is an intentional change that grants the Association Board organization the permission necessary to create votes in the Aragon Governance org.

Before this permission change, only the Association multisig had permission to create votes in the Aragon Governance org. While this has worked well enough in the past, we now have an official Association Board org that can be used to create votes without having to access the keys to the Association multisig (which necessarily have more stringent security protocols in place). As a result, the funds held in the Association multisig can now be compartmentalized from Aragon Network governance operations, making them more secure, and we will be able to have greater flexibility in how and where we start the Aragon Network votes.

Org-to-org actions with the Agent app

The technology enabling this change to be made is called the Agent app. First released as a beta version earlier this year, Agent is now offered as an optional app install for most of the default templates available in the Aragon client, and can be installed after launch by any existing Aragon organization.

Agent is an app that enables Aragon organizations to interact directly with any other Ethereum application, just the same as you would with a normal externally owned account. Using Agent, the Association Board org can now interact directly with the Aragon Governance org to create new votes whenever there is an Aragon Network vote.


This functionality can be generalized and applied to any Aragon organization. Agent makes it possible for any Aragon organization to interact directly with any other: create new votes, make deposits, propose a withdrawal, even cast a vote in another organization’s open vote. And of course, the entire world of Ethereum smart contracts is now open to Aragon organizations: creating a loan on Compound, opening a CDP with MakerDAO, buying a name using ENS, and anything else that is possible on Ethereum.


We intend to publish more about how Agent can be used by Aragon organizations soon. In the meantime, you can start experimenting with Agent yourself by following the instructions found at the Aragon Help Desk.