Opening applications for the Building DAOs video series

Opening applications for the Building DAOs video series

Join us in building your own customized DAO on Ethereum

With the recent launch of Aragon Core v0.5 we have seen a lot of renewed interest from people wanting to use Aragon to build their own decentralized organizations, or DAOs for short. To help kick off the process, we are excited to invite our community to participate in Building DAOs, an educational video series that will feature the Aragon One developer team working side-by-side with community members and their teams to configure their smart contracts and build their DAOs.

Join us in Building DAOs

The best way to build an interesting DAO that requires a bit more customization than what Aragon Core v0.5 provides today is to write a smart contract kit to set up the decentralized organization. These kits are fairly easy to code but potentially very powerful because they enable new kinds of organizations to be created using the apps already available through Aragon Core. Participants in Building DAOs will have their kits written by us, and everyone that watches the videos can learn how to build kits on their own.

Recordings produced as part of the Building DAOs video series will be made publicly available for the community's benefit. We hope that by sharing the process for building custom kits many other teams will be able to pick up our open-source tools and build their own DAOs as well. This will be our first of many efforts to educate the public about decentralized organizations, their benefits, and how to start one with minimal technical knowledge using Aragon.

Applications to be a part of Building DAOs will be open until 00:00 UTC June 23, 2018. We will be starting slow, evaluating at each step in the process, then if all goes well we will begin responding to applications on a rolling basis.

Who should apply?

If you have a serious project — meaning you have a working product or an organization with multiple active contributors and an active group of supporters — and you would like to receive help from the Aragon team with building your DAO, we invite you to apply!

There are a limited number of spaces available. Apply now to make history with your DAO.