Paris Recap: EthCC + EthGlobal

Conference takeaways, recordings of talks, and photos from our week in Paris

Paris Recap: EthCC + EthGlobal

We had a productive week in Paris attending The DAOist, EthCC, and EthGlobal! Read our takeaways from these events and check out recordings of talks and workshops to get caught up.

Takeaways from the team:

Here are a few general takeaways of the conferences, gathered from our team:

  • As products launch their own app chains and L2s, the future of permission-management is cross-chain.
  • Account abstraction is the future, enabling better user experience across the board.
  • General sense of optimism that there are a number of important use cases in crypto close to being solved.
  • Sub-DAOs, granular permissions, and credentials are essential to scaling DAOs.
  • Several players are working on the problem of carbon offset tokenization. Crypto could be well placed to become the channel through which a lot of this capital is funneled.
  • Even deep in the bear market, major conferences like EthCC are a bright spot!
Aragon team on booth duty

Workshop Recording: Build a Custom DAO with a Few Lines of Code

Who: Juliette Chevalier, Developer Advocate

Preview of what to expect in the recording:

Juliette shows you how to build mutable organizations on top of an immutable blockchain using Aragon OSx.

She explains how plugins allow you to customize your DAO and build a mutable organization. Plugins can be governance mechanisms, treasury management strategies, ecosystem integrations, and more.

She then gives a demo of how to build, deploy, and publish a plugin!

Juliette Chevalier, Developer Advocate slaying her workshop at EthCC.
Juliette Chevalier, Developer Advocate slaying her workshop at EthCC.

Watch here:

Talk Recording: Aragon OSx: The Unix of Ethereum

Who: Jordi Moraleda, one of the lead developers behind Aragon OSx.

Preview of what to expect in the recording:

Jordi discussed how Aragon OSx is built with the Unix philosophy:

  • Simplicity: write programs that do one thing and do it well.
  • Modularity, composability: write programs that work together.
  • Flexibility: Allow a feature to be reused in different contexts.

In Unix, everything is a file. In OSx, everything is a permission.

How Aragon OSx uses the Unix philosophy. 

Some of the guiding principles of the Unix philosophy that we applied to OSx:

  • One correct way of doing things: So there’s no confusion.
  • Be explicit about what you do: There’s no hidden magic. Everyone can use this protocol.
  • Only pay for features you actually use: Gas saving benefits in the modularity of this protocol.
  • Easy to understand, verify, and reason about: This contributes to the security of the protocol, because it’s not convoluted and complex.

The Aragon OSx plugins, which are like apps you install and uninstall on your computer, fit into this philosophy because they solve small, custom problems. You can iterate fast without needing to reinvent the wheel every time.

Watch here, starting at 3:00 minutes:

Talk Recording: A Story of DAO Experimentation

Who: Anthony Leutenegger, Head of Growth

Preview of what to expect in the recording:

Anthony takes us through the history of Aragon and the different DAO experiments we have run internally. The Aragon Network DAO was an experiment launched in 2021. It used optimistic governance with a long charter and lots of rules on the social layer. We learned a lot from this experiment, such as staying away from social and ideological battles, and refocusing solely on the onchain aspect of DAOs.

The Aragon DAO came next, which is a delegate voting DAO focused on onchain rules, with simplicity everywhere else. For example, there’s only a one page charter for this DAO. However, misaligned token incentives caused some bumps in the road.

Anthony Leutenegger, Head of Growth sharing his learnings from the last year.
Anthony Leutenegger, Head of Growth, sharing his learnings from the last year.

Anthony shares some steps forward for all DAOs. He touches on a huge question: what is owed to the mission, and what is owed to the token holders? He talks about how adaptation is the key to resiliency: start simple and safe, then evolve.

Watch here:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and chatted about DAOs!

Thank you to everyone who chatted about DAOs with us! We can’t wait to see what you build.

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Sharing the scent of onchain governance, if you missed it, find us at our next events!
Sharing the scent of onchain governance. If you missed it, find us at our next events!