Pre-Sale Transparency Report

Before tomorrow's token sale, we believe it's important that we release a transparency report about the pre-sale. This post will provide you with details on who purchased ANT before the token sale, the terms of the sale, the total Ether received, and how those funds were used.

Contributors and Sale Terms

We received contributions totaling 2,719 ether from 6 buyers during the pre-sale. Buyers included:

Each buyer had the same pre-sale conditions: 20% discount over the public price (1 ether = 120 ANT) and a 6-month vesting schedule with a 3 month cliff. Note that public sale contributors will not be subject to vesting or lock-up.

Institutional buyers (CoinFund, ICONOMI, and ShapeShift) were allowed to contribute the equivalent of $40,000 in ether, while personal buyers could contribute up to $10,000 in ether.

For liquidity purposes, ShapeShift was also allowed to purchase an additional $20,000. That specific portion of tokens were not discounted and are not subject to vesting.

Aragon is pioneering the change in organizational structures, and redefining how companies are managed worldwide. At ShapeShift, we strive to align ourselves with companies that further advance and broaden the usage of blockchain technology. We are delighted to play a role in Aragon's upcoming token sale.

- Erik Voorhees, Founder and CEO of ShapeShift

Capital Allocation

The purpose of our pre-sale was to fund the development necessary to make the public sale possible. As a result, we made a point of offering only enough tokens to fund our development and operations until the public token sale. In addition to funding development, we've allocated part of the pre-sale capital to (in ether):

  • Security Audits: 49.54 ether
  • Legal: 208 ether
  • PR: 106.95 ether
  • Advertisements: 133.91 ether
  • ENS: 212 ether
  • Other: 15.47 ether

After months of work, the pre-sale capital has brought us to tomorrow's sale. We couldn't be more excited about it 😃 Each buyer has helped advise the project over the last few months. A major thanks to them for their hard work and dedication to making Aragon successful!


The Aragon Team