The Aragon Token Sale: The Numbers

Roughly $25 million was collected in 26 minutes. The rate was $122k/s the first 3 blocks.

Yesterday, we closed the 4th largest crowdfunding event in history, and the 2nd largest in the blockchain space (after The DAO). Raising 275,000 ether, or roughly $25 million, we're incredibly humbled by the support of the community and the trust in our mission to make decentralized autonomous organizations widespread.

In this post, we'd like to reflect on the last 48 hours, provide some data on the sale, and most importantly express our gratitude to the community.


Contributions per block number

Token Sale Data

During the first three blocks, we raised approximately $122,000/second ($7,320,000/minute). As a result, the last significant contribution (>1 ETH) towards the cap was done within 99 blocks.

As detailed in our posts prior to the sale, we employed a hidden cap mechanism to attract smaller buyers and ensure even token distribution. In addition, we hoped the mechanism would result in a longer sale. However, we made the decision to send the transactions revealing our hidden cap prior to the sale's start due to the large queue of transactions threatening the Ethereum infrastructure. The first and second one (only one was needed) got mined in the second block of the sale. If we hadn't prepared the transactions before hand and had a script ready to send 3 of them, the amount raised might have surpassed the soft cap.

Despite the sale lasting only minutes, we believe that we managed to achieve an even token distribution. This is evidenced by the fact that there was a total of 2,916 transactions and 2,403 unique buyers.

Unfortunately, 1,686 (79,983 ether or roughly $8m) transactions did not go through before the sale ended. For those that were unable to get in on time, ANT is now trading at Bittrex and Liqui.

You can see a more detailed analysis on the sale distribution in this article by Blockchannel's Corey Petty.

A Look at the Aragon ICO Investment Distribution
Another ERC20 Initial Coin Offering (ICO), another ridiculous amount of money, in another ridiculously short period

We also collected some relevant tweets about how the token sale stress-tested the Ethereum network:

For those who missed out on this morning’s token sale for @AragonProject:

May 17, 2017

Is there an ICO on or something? 😮 #Aragon

May 17, 2017

Thanks to all client developers (specially MEW, Metamask, Mist, imToken & Parity) for building the infrastructure for handling our sale—and doing support to help buyers get in on our behalf, it really does make a difference.

Aragon Network Token

Some statistics about the token:

  • Total supply: 39,609,523 ANT*
  • Current circulating supply: 33,605,167 ANT
  • Circulating supply over time:

*Total supply will be constant only until the AN (Aragon Network) is deployed. From then on, ANG (AN governance) will decide the monetary policy and inflation rate going forward.

Next Steps for Aragon

We are extremely humbled by the trust the community placed in our project. We don't take that trust lightly, and are now preparing to execute the next steps, detailed in previous posts.

In addition, the capital raised will allow us to on-board brilliant people that can help improve and further the Aragon mission. You can check out our open positions.

We also plan to collaborate with other projects in the space, pushing the entire ecosystem forward. With collaboration, we can all accelerate our mission to make decentralized organizations widespread.


The Aragon Team