The Governance Release, Alpha 0.3 🏳️

The Governance Release, Alpha 0.3 🏳️

Bring your token, new bylaws, web version and more

Bring your own token

Tokens are changing the rules of the game. We don't need to think about obscure business models anymore. We can align our users' incentives with ours and release a token that implements that logic.

At Aragon we believe that we are at the dawn of this token model.

And we want to help the community in this journey.

So today, we are introducing ERC20 token support for Aragon.

The ERC20 token standard allows everyone to interface with a variety of tokens in a common way. You can import any existing ERC20 token — REP, MKR, DGX, your_token_name — and use them to govern your Aragon organization.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel anymore. You can deploy your custom token with the functionality you want, and use a standard, community-accepted solution for governance.

Many top blockchain projects in the space requested us this feature and want to use Aragon. We believe it lowers the barriers to deploy a token system with liquid, easy governance.

Other major improvements


We have added two new bylaws that enable super cool things such as multi-sig approval, or approval by another entity — such as another Aragon org. We will write more on that soon.

We also added a new icon pack, enhancements on the UI and we now support adding new stock types (get creative!).

Aragon for web

We had already launched a desktop version for macOS, Linux and Windows.

But we stand for choice, and that's why we are releasing a web version. So now you can use Aragon with any Ethereum web3-compatible browser --- Parity, Mist, Status, Chrome with MetaMask... Also, this release brings back Ropsten compatibility (on the revived chain), Aragon alpha runs on both Kovan and Ropsten testnets now.

So go ahead and try the web version out, or download the desktop one.

You can also read the full release notes.


The Aragon Team