Token Sale Audit Results

No Critical Issues Reported and Token Sale is On-Schedule

To ensure a stable and safe token sale, we employed the help of Jordi Baylinaand Piper Merriam to perform independent audits of Aragon token sale contract code. Jordi and Piper completed their reports this week and published their independent findings (Jordi's Report | Piper's Report). No critical issues were reported in either independent audit. And for the issues that were found, we've worked closely with Jordi and Piper to resolve them and improve the code.

In addition, we're happy to announce that there have been no critical issues reported through the bug bounty program. Thanks to all of those that have participated, and note that the bug bounty program will continue indefinitely.

Note: Due to the close proximity to the sale date, we've decided to double the bug bounty rewards! So for example, discovery of a critical bug that could threaten the sale can be awarded with up to $10,000 of bounty.

Together, the findings of the audit and bug bounty program make us confident that the sale is on-schedule and will begin next Wednesday, May 17.

A Note on MiniMe Tokens

We are very happy that this token sale will bring significant attention to the MiniMe Token. Working with the MiniMe token team, our belief has been affirmed that the MiniMe Token is the best token standard for governance. And we're excited that our token sale has led to improvements of the token that will benefit future dApp projects!