Voting experiment: ANT holder hackathon judging starts now

Voting experiment: ANT holder hackathon judging starts now

For the last month, hackers have been building new DAOs, apps, and tools for Hack for Freedom. The final submissions are in and we want ANT holders to help close out the event with a voting experiment.

We want your help to decide the winner of a prize using a new tool created by Abridged that allows ANT holders to vote in off-chain polls using Discord.

The basic idea is that verified ANT holders will vote to decide the winners of the Social Impact Prize category. 1st place wins 1500 ANT, and 2nd place wins 500 ANT.

How it works

Voting window:

Start: Friday, July 31, 2020 at 17:00 UTC

End: Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 16:00 UTC

End timezone conversions: 9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm CEST

Requirements to participate:

  • 50 ANT in a MetaMask account (Note: No transfers are required to participate, your ANT stays in your wallet. Do not remove the ANT from your wallet for the duration of the vote or your vote will not be counted.)
  • Discord account

How to vote:

  1. Join the DAO Hack Month Discord server:
  2. Type !join in any channel.
  3. Check your DMs for a message from the Collab.Land(#6372) bot.
  4. Click the link it sends you, make sure the address is correct, and click “Confirm.”
  5. Now you'll be able to join the #🦅-judges channel, click on the channel to join.
#🦅-judges in sidebar
  1. Once inside, you'll see a list of projects and the current voting tallies.
  2. Check out each of the submissions, and once you're ready to vote, click the 🥇 on your 1st place pick and 🥈 on your 2nd place pick.
  3. And you're done!

The winners of the vote and all other hackathon prizes will be announced on Sunday after the poll closes.

In the event the experiment goes awry, for example, if the poll has been obviously griefed in some way, the hackathon organizers may intervene at their discretion, or in the worst-case scenario nullify the poll and award the prize based on the scoring from the judges. That said, we believe that all the submissions in the poll are deserving of the prizes and want ANT holders to make the final decision.