Welcoming Daniel Ospina as Head of Governance at the Aragon Association

Daniel Ospina has been appointed as Head of Governance at the Aragon Association.

The Aragon Association is pleased to announce that Daniel Ospina has been appointed as Head of Governance.

Daniel is an organization & social systems designer, and a visiting lecturer at the Saïd Business School (Oxford University). Before joining Aragon, Daniel consulted for clients such as Google, BCG, Daimler, the UN, and launched two companies. He is a thought-leader on the future of teamwork & leadership and has shared his research and insights on TEDx, Tech Open Air, and the Harvard Business Review.

At Aragon, Daniel will lead the decentralization process of the Aragon Network DAO, facilitate the conversation about the future of governance & organizations; build collaborations with academic institutions; and power innovation throughout the Aragon Network.

I decided to join Aragon because the future of humanity will be defined by the principles we embed in the next generation of technologies, and Aragon is uniquely positioned to transform that. The opportunity in front of us is moving past centralization vs decentralization, and instead building the tools for regenerative organizations through multi-centric collaboration and permissionless participation.” - Daniel Ospina, Head of Governance at the Aragon Association.


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