What's being built on Aragon OSx? Spring Review

Since our launch in March, we’ve seen dozens of plugins built by the Aragon developer community on the new Aragon OSx. So, what are some of the coolest projects we’ve seen?

What's being built on Aragon OSx? Spring Review

Since our launch in March, we’ve seen dozens of plugins built by the Aragon developer community on the new Aragon OSx, the modular and adaptable protocol underlying the Aragon App and SDK. So, what are some of the coolest projects we’ve seen?

Let’s take a look at what’s being built on Aragon OSx!

DAObox: Plugins, react hooks, and more

DAObox is a decentralized organization with the mission to make DAOs accessible to everyone. Their team has built a react hooks library and multiple plugins for Aragon DAOs. They’re innovating at the edges of what you can do with the new Aragon stack!

Their team consists of AbuUsama, Tony Stark, Coded_Tyrant, Supreme, and Viva.

This team has already built three projects on top of Aragon OSx. “The easy part about building on Aragon OSx was leveraging all the resources that come with the Aragon DAO and docs, especially the discord channel,” said Tony Stark, cofounder of DAObox.

Let’s dive in!

Use-Aragon: react-hooks library making it easy to build custom DAOs

Use-Aragon is a react hooks library that makes it easy to build custom interfaces for your DAO built on Aragon. Get your DAO up and running faster without needing to know all the details of OSx under the hood. Use it to build voting pages, DAO dashboards, and more!

Use-aragon takes care of managing state for you, providing useful status updates and callbacks for multi-stage transactions.

A few examples:

  • Need to fetch a list of proposals? useFetchProposals()
  • Want to create a proposal? useNewProposal()

The simple and opinionated syntax requires only the minimum amount of parameters to get up and running, with a wide array of options for flexibility.

Try it out: Use-aragon

Lens plugin: allows Lens communities to vote with Follow NFTs

The Lens plugin makes it possible to govern your DAO on Aragon OSx using Lens Follow NFTs. So now, Lens communities can create custom DAOs using the Aragon SDK based on people following a specific profile.

When you follow a Lens account, you’re given a Follow NFT, which can be encoded with additional value.

The Lens plugin was created by inheriting the MajorityVotingBase contract and implementing the IMajorityVoting from the AragonOSx contracts.

So, what can you do with it? Here are some features:

  • getVotingToken: Retrieve the DAO's voting token, which is implemented as an interface for Lens Follow NFTs.
  • totalVotingPower: Verify your voting power within the DAO.
  • createProposal: initiate new majority voting proposals within the DAO.
  • isMember: checks if an address has voting power at the block number when it’s called.
  • _vote: enables voting on proposals.
  • _canVote: indicates whether an address can vote.

Try it out: Lens plugin on Github

Kleros plugin: allows DAOs built on Aragon OSx to use optimistic governance from Kleros.

The Kleros plugin integrates with the subjective oracle so DAOs built on Aragon OSx can use optimistic governance.

Optimistic governance is governance without voting—proposals pass as long as they’re not contested.

Here’s how it works:

The proposer deposits collateral when they submit their proposal. Then, a waiting period begins.  Anyone internal or external to the DAO can challenge the proposal during the waiting period.

If there is no challenge to the proposal during the waiting period, the proposal automatically passes and executes.

If someone does challenge it, the arbitration process begins. Kleros jurors assess the evidence provided by both parties to determine the legitimacy of the proposal. If the jurors determine the challenge is warranted, the proposer’s collateral is given to the challenger. If the jurors discard the challenge, the proposal is passed.

Try it out: Kleros plugin on Github

What’s next for DAObox: Liquid Protocol

Next up for DAObox is a plugin called Liquid Protocol, which will enable DAOs built on Aragon OSx to create continuous tokens, giving more rewards for those who hold them longer. Stay tuned for this plugin to go live soon!

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Libree: One Click Investment DAOs

Libree is a dApp for creating investment DAOs built on Aragon OSx.

It was built by Ivan Alberquilla and Teresa Castilla.

The frontend is a forked version of the Aragon App, so it has many similarities to the setup process of creating a DAO on the Aragon App. However, it has some specific features for investment DAOs.

In Libree, you'll create your DAO in the same way you would create it using the Aragon App, but with one extra step: Select your plugins!

The Libree team built three plugins specific to investment DAOs:

  • Sub-governance groups
  • Uniswap plugin
  • NFT collector plugin

You can also create strategies on Libree. This is where the sub-governance plugin comes in: giving a wallet address certain permissions to manage assets in the treasury.

These strategies are essentially giving one wallet address the ability to execute a certain investment strategy on behalf of the DAO.

Libree is still in beta, but is open to the public! Try the App or connect with the team at the links below:

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DualTokenVoting Plugin: two-token governance for DAOs built on Aragon

The Dual Token Voting Plugin is a plugin that enables DAOs built on Aragon OSx to create both a governance token (ERC20) and a nontransferable citizen token (NTT) to govern their organizations.

This plugin was built by Jay Patel, founder of Unbound Labs.

With this plugin, DAOs can mint two tokens:

  • Non-transferrable, or soulbound, token that represents citizenship in the DAO.
  • Transferrable ERC20 token that represents voting power in the DAO.

To create a proposal or cast a vote, you need to hold an NTT citizenship token, but the weight of your vote is determined by the amount of ERC20 governance tokens you hold.

This creates a more nuanced system of governance that can work for communities that don’t want all governance to be tied to speculation.

“This is useful for communities that want to publicly list their tokens to provide potential for investment upside, while ensuring that the direction of the community is still determined by community participants," said Jay, the developer behind the plugin.

One of the goals of DualTokenVoting is to make it easier for web2 companies to tokenize. “At Unbound Labs we’re building the tools that will allow Web2 marketplaces to convert to stronger Web3 marketplaces through decentralized ownership,” said Jay. “We’re excited to also be working on a system for automatically distributing tokens upon certain platform actions which we believe will allow several web2 companies to tokenize and share governance power with their users.”

“Building on OSx was exciting because of the composability that the platform allows for via plugins,” he said. “It was incredible to see how the platform can allow for many different plugins that can be used to create DAOs with unique mechanisms.”

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Etherluxe: gamefi, meet DAOs

Etherluxe is a testnet concept for a gaming DAO where governance power is determined based on the in-game characters and tools you own.

It was built by Definme, a blockchain development company with more than six years of industry experience. They specialize in building contracts for DeFi, DAOs, and the metaverse. The Etherluxe team included Dmitry Suldin, Vadim Volkov, Tanya Kozlova, and Dmitry Strukovsky

Here’s how Etherluxe works:

When you purchase a game character, weapon, or transportation, you’re credited game governance tokens.

As more assets are sold, the number of governance tokens each new buyer is credited with decreases — giving earlier users more governance power. Token distributions occur until there are enough tokens to reach quorum and start running governance.

Users can then put up proposals for new game features, and if they pass, they can be added into the game!

The team cited the flexibility and customization of Aragon OSx as an important feature that led them to build on it. “The most interesting for us was the implementation of custom voting,” said Dmitry Suldin, lead developer of the project.

They also used the permission management system at the heart of OSx to further customize their governance system: “An interesting experience was the differentiation of access rights - so that only users with a certain balance of control tokens could create votes," he said.

Etherluxe is purely a testnet experiment on Mumbai. But it showcases an exciting use case for building with the Aragon SDK, where gamers have governance power! The possibilities for gamefi DAOs on Aragon OSx are endless.

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Secure SECO DAO: a custom DAO using the Aragon SDK

Secure SECO DAO, launching at the end of this month, is a custom DAO built using the Aragon SDK.

“The SecureSECO DAO is an incentive layer for the SecureSECO project,” said Samuel, smart contract developer for the project. “It is the perfect solution for this, as the blockchain can reward contributors instantly, trustlessly, securely, and transparently.”

Secure SECO is an academic initiative that funds and researches projects in the blockchain space. Their projects include Search SECO (search engine for code fragments), Trust SECO (storing data about package managers), Use SECO (tracks and registers use of open source software), and others.

The team built a plugin called Diamond Governance to further adapt their organization. “Diamond Governance allows the community to add, alter or remove functionality of their specific DAO plugin,” said Samuel. “The functionality that was required for the project comes in the form of multiple facets which can be cut into the diamond. These facets can be added, replaced, and removed even after deployment, essentially allowing you to pick what functionality is required for your specific Diamond Governance plugin.”

The Secure SECO DAO is built on Polygon. You can explore their DAO here.

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