Aragon Q4 2018 Transparency Report

A recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q4 2018.

As per our Transparency Model, we do quarterly Transparency Reports of our use of funds and about the overall progress of the project.

Transparency Framework

This is our main transparency tool. It shows our use of funds with human readable descriptions attached to each transaction.


Salaries and expenses in Q4

These include expenses such as salariestravel expenses and annual bonuses.

1,438.34 ETH, 94,191.87 ANT, 69,858.60 DAI & €60,162.95, equivalent of €315,520.63.

Salaries total: €268,434.53
Expense Reimbursements total: €45,095.10

Payments to service providers in Q4

Total of 824.29 ETH, equivalent of ~€330,303.18.

These include business expenses, payments to accountantslawyers and code auditors. Included are things like new laptops, office equipment, etc., to team members. These are essential for us to work effectively since we're fully distributed teams.

Other miscellaneous expenses: ~€42,184.81.

Sponsoring and event tickets in Q4

Total of 281.49 ETH, equivalent of ~€44,761.51.

Watch the The Future Of Governmental Organizations presentation by Luis Cuende

AraCon — The Aragon Conference

AraCon – The first Aragon Conference - took place in Berlin, Germany on January 29th-30th 2019.

For the preparations regarding AraCon during Q4 2018, a total of €63,091.08 was spent.

Aragon Nest grants & Open Source donations in Q4


The Aragon Nest grants program has been tremendously successful and over 10 teams have already been granted funding.

Find out more in the Nest GitHub repository.

Total of 965.08 ETH & 76,237.62 DAI, equivalent of ~€259,653.22 was paid out to Nest teams.

Read more about the evolution of the Nest program.

Grand Total

In total the project spent ~€1,055,484.43 or equivalent in cryptocurrency in Q4 2018.

Financial hedging

Due to market volatility the Aragon Association took extraordinary measures in Q4 2018 to ensure the sustainability of the project, including hedging cryptocurrency holdings into more stable currencies. The full disclosure for this hedging action was published from the Aragon Twitter account:


You can find more details about the development progress in our Aragon Q4 Development Update blog post.

Thanks to Alexa Weaver for helping with this post.

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