Juror dispute guide: Aragon Network Cash

Juror dispute guide: Aragon Network Cash

With the first community review of the Aragon Network Agreement now complete, it’s time for the Agreement to face its first set of tests in Aragon Court. The purpose of these tests is to see how the Agreement holds up in Aragon Court, as a way of making sure it is interpreted as intended before putting the Agreement into production.

For this round of precedence campaign disputes, Aragon Court jurors will be focused on several mock disputes that resemble real-world scenarios that could occur after the Aragon Network launches. These disputes will originate from a fictitious organization called “Aragon Network Cash”, the “petty cash” account of the Aragon Network. Aragon Network Cash will have its own Agreement that closely resembles the Aragon Network Agreement, giving us the opportunity to test the guidelines of the Aragon Network Agreement before they are used with real value at stake.

As usual, jurors will have to look carefully at the details of each dispute and check for compliance with the Agreement. In an adversarial environment like the open, public blockchain we can expect that some people might try to game the system and trick organizations into approving proposals that they shouldn’t. Aragon Court is an important line of defense against this kind of bad behavior, so it’s important that jurors get used to scrutinizing the arguments in each dispute closely and issuing fair rulings to build trust in the court.

If jurors end up interpreting the Agreement and ruling differently than expected, then that may be a sign that more review and revision to the Agreement is needed. In this case we may take a few extra weeks to make the necessary changes and do another round of precedence campaign disputes. However, if each dispute is ruled as we expect them to be, then we will consider the Aragon Network Agreement ready for finalization and send it on to a final community review and ANT holder vote.

Jurors, activate your ANJ! Activate your ANJ  by Sept 1 at 16:00 UTC to be eligible for the upcoming drafts.

Aragon Court jurors can check the Aragon Court Dashboard to see all open disputes and sign up for email notifications to be notified when drafted. Remember that if you are drafted as a juror to any Aragon Court disputes, you must commit and reveal your vote on time or else face financial penalties for not correctly following the court protocol. You can find more information about how to be a juror in Aragon Court, including how to acquire and activate ANJ and how to rule on disputes, in the Aragon Court user guide.