Nest: Frame Q3 Update

Nest: Frame Q3 Update

Frame had an exciting Q3 that started with our first security audit conducted by Cure53 and funded by Aragon.

We’re happy to report the results were very positive. If you’d like to know more about the audit or read the official report check out our post, Frame Security Audit: FRM-01.

In v0.0.7 we addressed all issues found in the audit, both “Low” and “Informational”. These updates resulted in a more secure and stable architecture for Frame that will lend itself well to future features and iterations. After v0.0.7 we set our focus on EIP-1102 and EIP-1193. These EIPs greatly improve how providers interface with dapps and align very well with how Frame is designed. We’re working on updates across the board to Frame, Frame Extension and eth-provider to seamlessly implement these new standards. These updates will be available very soon with Frame v0.0.8!

After v0.0.8 our focus will shift to the mainnet alpha! We’re working hard to get everything ready for this open alpha. We can’t wait to get Frame in the hands of more users and start getting feedback from the community.

You can start using Frame on Rinkeby today by visiting

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