Nest: Prysmatic Labs Q3 Update

Nest: Prysmatic Labs Q3 Update

Once again, we are very satisfied with what we have put together this past quarter and how we have matured as a team with respect to our output and technical infrastructure.

Here is a summary of Q3.

Milestones Achieved

  • Succeeded in delivering our first release entailing a demo of an Ethereum 2.0 node and validator client
  • Maintained our biweekly updates without fail on our Medium page
  • Received a large Ethereum Foundation grant (500k) in the latest Wave IV update
  • Improved our internal team communication - migrating from Gitter completely into Discord
  • Advanced extensively on the Ethereum 2.0 specification, participated actively in all Beacon Chain Implementers Calls led by the EF
  • Made better use of Gitcoin to onboard new contributors and bounty important tasks for our repo

Challenges Faced

Some of the biggest challenges involved once again dealing with an ever changing spec (although we now see that as a key aspect of working on ETH2.0 and it keeps things fun sometimes). Inter-team communication has been a lot better now that the spec has solidified even more and responsibilities are quite clear.

With respect to project management challenges, we lacked a way of really measuring goal accomplishment per quarter and setting reach goals vs. priorities aside from Github and informal agreements on Discord. Instead, we decided to adopt the OKR (Objective - Key Result) approach for quarterly planning and accountability. This will be a big part of our Q4 planning.

Additionally, the nature of our work as a remote endeavor has kept things often slower than we would wish as not every week is as consistent as others. Being able to hire core members full time and establish a better structure for everyone will be a massive boost for our team.

What's Next

Next up, we will continue the implementation of the ETH2.0 spec as there are still important items yet to be created. We will also advocate towards better awareness of what ETH2.0 entails for the community.

We were also presenting at DevCon IV on the mainstage talking about what it's like to implement Casper+Sharding today.

Our major milestone at the start of 2019 will be a public testnet alongside the other teams working on our shared vision. This is something we will already begin to look into moving into Q4.

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